Kylie Jenner Keeps It Chic At The Beach

A day at the beach means sand-covered everything, messy hair, and a makeup-free face — unless you're a celebrity, that is. Kylie Jenner looked chic on the beach this summer, managing to pull off some seriously high-fashion swimsuits. The reality star looked totally put together from her head to her toes, which is more than I can say for myself whenever I hit the beach this season.

From her birthday celebration to numerous family vacations, Jenner looked fabulous on the beach. She spent time with her friends and family in Mexico, where they soaked up rays and went zip-lining before heading to St. Barts in style. As we've come to expect from any Kardashian/Jenner family vacation, there were tons of amazing hairstyles and even better outfits, as documented by social media. The star traded her bodycon dresses and heels for a variety of different bathing suits, but kept her look polished as she soaked up some rays beachside.

Jenner borrowed a swimsuit from mom Kris in one instance, but made sure to give it a modern, cool-girl look. I'm convinced that there's no outfit that this girl can't rock. My own beach vacations weren't quite as glamorous as the star's, but I've got to get some points for keeping it practical, right?

The Outfits: Jenner's Version

Jenner and her big sis Kendall sported some fabulous bathing suits on their vacation. They kept it simple with these two picks, but I'm willing to bet that they cost more than my entire closet combined.

The Outfits: My Version

My bikini wasn't quite as high-fashion as Jenner's, but hey, you can't be a black two piece when it comes to being comfy and cute. My little cousin's one-piece might not have held up to Kendall's either, but she adorable so we'll let it slide.

The Makeup: Jenner's Version

Jenner isn't one to avoid makeup, but she kept the colorful pout and dark eyes to a minimum for this beach day. Even her eyebrows looked perfectly filled-in for her pre-beach selfie.

The Makeup: My Version

I wore no makeup to the beach, and that's why these sunglasses were permanently fixed to my face. Unlike Jenner, I don't have a glam squad at my disposal, so I saw no reason to put effort into doing makeup that would just get rinsed off in the water.

The Hair: Jenner's Version

Jenner has great hair, no matter what color or style. Even the wind is on her side!

The Hair: My Version

The wind was definitely not on my side. I pulled half of it back with a '90s-inspired hair clip and called it a day. My locks eventually went up in a ponytail as the day got sunnier.

The Accessories: Jenner's Version

Of course, no Jenner outfit is complete without accessories, even at the beach. She sported a gold watch, armful of bracelets, a necklace, and the perfect sunglasses to complete her look. Clearly she's wasn't worried about losing any of them in the ocean.

The Accessories: My Version

I didn't go too heavy on the accessories for my day in the sun. I rocked my sunnies, an extra hair tie, and a few rings for my add-ons. I'm a little more practical than I am stylish at the beach.

The Transportation: Jenner's Version

A day of laying out and jumping the waves would just be too simple for Jenner. She opted for a casual jet-ski ride with all of her fashionable friends.

The Transportation: My Version

I, on the other hand, biked to the beach with my little cousins. Not particularly glamorous, but it got the job done.

Jenner might be a little more high-fashion than I am at the beach, but hey — I'm sure we both had an equal dose of fun.

Images: Kali Borovic (5)