Oscars 2016 Hosts As Chosen By Twitter Gives Us Everyone From Kanye West To R2-D2

Twice the hosts, twice the fun? The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is certainly hoping so, announcing Wednesday that the 2016 Oscars will have two hosts for the first time since the Great James Franco/Anne Hathaway Experiment of 2011. Of course, while single hosts are definitely the norm for the Academy Awards, pairs — or even groups of three or more actors/comedians/musicians — are certainly not unheard of. The year before Franco & Hathaway, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin had co-hosted together, and some of the more eclectic group hosting gigs include the Alan Alda/Jane Fonda/Robin Williams trifecta of 1986 and the 1975 quartet of Sammy Davis, Jr., Bob Hope, Shirley MacLaine, and Frank Sinatra.

So who will the co-hosts be, exactly? Ceremony producer David Hill remains mum on that particular point, promising to Entertainment Weekly only that, "There will be multiple hosts for sure – there will be two." He went on to explain the benefits of securing two emcees for the high-profile gig: "Two is better than one. Just imagine, you’re in there. One of your hosts drops dead from cardiac arrest. What do you do? Second host goes on! And you keep going. …Note to self. Check out their heart rates."

Like with most pressing issues of our time, Twitter users had a lot to say on the topic. Here are 13 possible candidates for the job that Hill and co-producer Reginald Hudlin should take into consideration, from most likely to land the gig... to the very, very long shots.

1. Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

This dynamic duo has hosted the Golden Globes for the last three years in a row to great acclaim, although they announced earlier this year that they would not be returning for a fourth go-round. Could that be because they're planning a jump from the Golden Globes to the Academy Awards themselves? Fingers crossed!

2. Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Schumer

J. Law is one of Hollywood's favorite young starlets, and Schumer had one of the biggest hits of the summer with her comedy Trainwreck. The two recently became BFFs, and announced that they are co-writing a screenplay they're planning to star in together as sisters. Next logical step in their world domination? Oscar co-hosts.

3. Carrie Fisher & Mark Hamill

Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens is poised to break box office records this Christmas when the first chapter in the saga in 10 years hits theaters. If the Academy wanted to capitalize on that buzz and attract the younger audience that always seems so elusive, they would hire the franchise's original leads to emcee the ceremony.

4. Kermit The Frog & Miss Piggy

Hearts were broken the world over when it was announced that Kermit and Miss Piggy had broken up; having two bickering, hilarious, loud-mouthed, iconic puppets host the Oscars is just the sort of gimmick the Academy might try to attract eyeballs.

5. Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake

Even though these two men are more famous for television and music than for film, the Oscars have hired plenty of small screen talk show hosts before, from Johnny Carson to David Letterman, Jon Stewart, and Ellen DeGeneres, so it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

6. Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny

This pair could definitely strike the right balance between elegance and humor — a balance the Academy was likely looking for in the Franco/Hathaway pairing.

7. Ilana Glazer & Abby Jacobson

Their webseries-turned-Comedy Central sitcom has gained these two hilarious young actresses fame and accolades.

8. Adam Levine & Blake Shelton

The bromance between these two music industry superstars has been one of the highlights of NBC's The Voice for the past eight seasons — and the Academy does love a host with singing chops who can execute an elaborate, over-produced opening sequence.

9. Nicki Minaj & Taylor Swift

Speaking of music industry superstars... Nicki and T. Swift putting aside their differences again to co-host an awards ceremony would certainly be a story worth a few headlines.

10. Caesar Flickerman & Effie Trinket

After all, is there really that big of a difference between the Academy Awards and the Hunter Games?

11. BB-8 & R2-D2

*beep boop boop bleep blorp!* R2's chirpy dialogue would likely still be more intelligible than whatever Franco was trying to do four years ago.

12. Kanye West & Kanye West

#President2016 #OscarsHost2016 #SupremeRulerOfUniverse2016

13. Colin Farrell & Vince Vaughn