Watch These Professors Try To Guess Millennial Slang & Get Wrecked — VIDEO

If there is one legacy that our generation will leave behind, it is mangling the English language. So all things considered, it was awfully brave of these professors to try to guess millennial slang — because to be fully honest, there were some terms on here that even I didn't know, and I literally work on the internet for a living. (Don't tell the other millennials, guys.) These poor brave souls hark from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and now that they have delved into millennial vernacular, there is no coming back.

This is especially relevant to the universe with everybody headed back to school this week (haha, suckers), meaning yet another influx of freshmen who have cool, #hip new lingo. As the mostly proud sister of an 18-year-old girl who occasionally moans "yassss" at dessert and yells "DRAG HIM" during live televised events, I can relate to just how confusing our choice of words can occasionally be — and it's only getting worse. It's Gen Z's turn and they are stepping up to the plate. Good luck, professors of every college everywhere, because the struggles you see in this video today will be nothing compared to next year's version.

Let's test your knowledge — do you know all these millennial words?


One guy starts talking about how he was a contractor for the company BAE, and that's about the time my face met my palm and stayed there for a long, long while.


I didn't know this one either, to be fair, but I really like whoever suggested that it had something to do with the Muppets. The real definition is so boring compared to that. Why do we even have this word?! There is no need.


One guy guessed it meant that parents weren't home, and I have to give him props. "Father out, Mother out" is almost more impressive than the real thing.

In any case, if you are having a case of the weekdays right now like most of us are, I highly suggest watching these professors stumble their way through the hot mess of vocabulary we have created for ourselves:

Lehigh University on YouTube

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