When Will 'Spy' Be On iTunes? Until It's Time, Watch These Great Melissa McCarthy Moments Online

While internet haters are mourning the loss of "their" movies to female comedians, Melissa McCarthy and her colleagues are busy being everything. Take Spy , for example. The spring espionage-themed comedy won its opening weekend at the box office and went on to make over $235 million worldwide. That's over 3.5 times the film's budget, which was moderate by 2015 standards. Not only did the movie sell tickets, it also charmed critics. Spy sits at a 93% Fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Richard Roeper gave McCarthy plenty of praise for making the movie as enjoyable as it is, saying that the actress is "as funny and as winning as anyone in the movies these days." (Or more so, in my opinion.) McCarthy gives a fully committed comic performance that begs to be watched over and over again. So, when will Spy be on iTunes?

Great news! If you and humidity are done for the summer, you can spend your entire Labor Day weekend in the air conditioning with Spy. The movie is available for download starting on Sep. 4. If you're antsy, you can even hop over to iTunes and pre-order Spy now. Both the standard definition and HD editions are priced at $19.99.

Until then, entertain yourself with these classic Melissa McCarthy moments. From award show bits to destroying misogynistic critics, she is always at hero-status.

Speaking Up For Women Everywhere

TheEllenShow on YouTube

When Melissa McCarthy was targeted by a critic who actually thought that her level of "attractiveness" had any effect on her performances, the actress skipped the rage stage and leaned right into dropping knowledge. And guess what? The critic apologized. In this video, she tells Ellen and her audience how every piece of writing that reduces a woman to her looks "chips away" at young girls, and I couldn't agree more.

Being Crowned "Queen Of The Emmys"

ZwanMonster on YouTube

In her memoir Yes Please, Amy Poehler writes that she and her fellow nominees in the Leading Actress Emmy category decided to concoct bits for the broadcast to distract from any nerves or jealousy. When McCarthy won in 2011 for her performance in Mike & Molly, the result is that the TV comedy sisterhood awarded her a tiara and flowers before she even laid hands on her trophy. It was an incredible show of solidarity, and must have made the honor feel just a little bit sweeter.

Laying Out Her Pizza-Eating Plan

McCarthy must be a favorite of the Saturday Night Live writers. Her talent for physical comedy and skill in milking every last joke out of a bit makes her a naturally hilarious host. My favorite sketch she's starred in is this one, as I really root for anyone who dares seek compensation for pizza eating. Because if anyone actually succeeds in starting that trend, I will subsequently become rich.

Dismantling Paul Rudd & Leslie Mann

Tomasz Tofil on YouTube

Warning for NSFW language! The Judd Apatow marriage comedy This Is 40 had its moments, one of them being the principal's office scene that McCarthy stole right out from under her fellow actors. Apatow wisely shared a treat from the movie's dailies and included this outtake in the credits. The comedian lays into Mann and Rudd like she does in the film, but McCarthy can't be stopped, even after they break. It's a beautiful collapse.

Time spent stan-ing Melissa McCarthy is never wasted. You hearby have my permission to watch these clips and Spy as many times as you want.

Image: 20th Century Fox