Can Cassandra & Justin Survive 'BiP' Together?

by Kayla Hawkins

As the show careens towards its Season 2 finale, previews show Bachelor in Paradise newbie Cassandra and Justin will take a quick liking to each other, which is important considering the show is almost over. Soon, they (and all of the other) couples are going to have to choose whether or not to stay together. So are Cassandra and Justin still together after Bachelor in Paradise came to an end in late June? While they certainly seem like they could stay together right now, there's no telling what happened after the show ended. But, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that no, Cassandra and Justin are not one of the few couples who manage to make it after leaving the show.

If you're really invested in their love story, I apologize. And, I know that previews show they only just met, but there isn't much evidence that these two are together anymore. Sorry guys, but the proof is in the Instagram, and Justin and Cassandra are running two very single accounts right now. I mean, maybe they're just running some very convincing trickery on the BiP audience to fool us until the finale, but I suspect that this relationship just happened to run its course after the show came to an end. Let's look at where they started and how they probably ended up.

At First, Justin Wanted To Ask Out Samantha

Look, there have been some good relationships that bloomed on BiP after one of the participants has dated around (especially before the other person got to Mexico), but Justin didn't just want to go out with anyone — he almost got wrapped into the web of BiP villainess Samantha Steffen. I hope this doesn't come across like I discourage people dating around when they get to Paradise. Quite the contrary! I love these quick, episode-long relationships as people figure out who's right for them. But, all I'm saying is that the most lasting relationships involve couples that tend to get together early, only ask one another out, and then get boring and drama free, like, say, successful pair Tanner and Jade.

Cassandra Has A Son, And Justin Has One Too

With kids in the mix, these two can't just impulsively move to the same city after the show ends. So, unless they fall madly in love and just have to make it work, I can sense that it's more practical for them to stay in separate cities. They are just five hours apart by car, so I guess that's not terrible for a long-distance relationship. But, it doesn't bode well.

Cassandra Is Hanging Out With Jonathan On Instagram

Whether or not these two are dating, the chemistry is undeniable. And, even if they're just the best of friends, it seems like they bonded about being single parents... emphasis on the single.

Cassandra Sent This Cryptic Message

Basically the message of this Instagram repost is "it is better to have loved and lost," but it's certainly not positive. It's the type of message that you post while mourning a breakup, not the happy message of a new relationship that's finally about to go public.

Justin Did Technically Marry Someone Else

The weird Spanish language ritual date between Justin and Mackenzie might have been pretty silly and ultimately meaningless, but, hey, Mackenzie seemed pretty into the whole thing. So, she might come back with a vengeance, claiming that she and Justin should honor their spiritual promise. That strikes me as very Bachelor in Paradise.

It's a testament to how recently Justin & Cassandra got together that their relationship doesn't have any exciting or funny moments like that yet. If they are going to last past the end of Bachelor in Paradise, they'll probably be spending the last two episodes together nonstop. If they do, maybe their social media blackout will make more sense — they're trying to throw everyone off of their trail. But, until then, I'll still be a little skeptical that they're going to stick together. (And, I'll still be rooting for Jonathan and Cassandra to get together if her relationship with Justin ends, because they are a very good looking couple.)

Image: Rick Rowell (2)/ABC; Giphy