Photos Of Cassandra & Her Son Show The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Is An Awesome Mother

Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise may be winding down, but it's not over 'til it's over — and there's still a chance that a contestant we haven't seen yet will find love in Mexico. Cassandra Ferguson will be arriving on Bachelor in Paradise for the final episodes (according to the previews!), and I'm seriously excited to see her. Sadly, she won't be bringing along the current man in her life — Cassandra from Bachelor in Paradise and her son Trey are the cutest duo, and her Instagram photos show that he's the most important person in her life. Trey is three years old and is so cute that I can barely handle it. If Cassandra does leave Mexico as part of a couple, her new guy will be lucky enough to join in some of their fun times — and they have plenty of them!

After Juan Pablo's season, it seemed like Cassandra had found love outside the franchise last May when she got engaged to Trey's dad, Rodney Stuckey of the Detroit Pistons. It's unclear when they broke off their engagement, but even though the relationship didn't work out, she seems to be thriving. She and Trey are always hanging out, and she has a lot of cool opportunities she's exploring in fashion and beauty. I hope Cassandra meets someone special in Mexico (and quickly since she came to the game so late), but if not, at least she's going home to her son. Here are 11 photos that illustrate just how adorable their relationship is:

1. Meet Trey

This is Trey casually hanging out at Chuck E. Cheese's and being insanely adorable.

2. Mother-Son Boating Trip

Cassandra's photos show that she and Trey spend lots of time outdoors, like on this boating trip.

3. They Like Canoeing, Too

Here he is chilling, looking cuter than ever in his camo swimmies.

4. Their Summer Vacation

Cassandra and Trey went to Virginia Beach for their summer vacation this year. It was perfect.

5. #NationalBestFriendDay

They celebrated National Best Friend Day by cuddling, keeping with their pattern of being the absolute cutest.

6. Park Dates

Cassandra was one proud mama when Trey finally went down the big boy slide. If that doesn't warrant a photo collage, I don't know what does.

7. Easter Sunday Celebrations

I don't know what's more adorable: The kisses or the fact that they're wearing matching colors for Easter.

8. Ice Skating

Complete with a Frozen-inspired caption, of course.

9. Snow Day Fun

They braved the outdoors on a snow day this winter. Please take note of Trey's Ninja Turtles hat; he's always as well-dressed as his mom.

10. What's Cassandra Is Most Thankful For?

You guessed it... Trey!

11. They're Picture Perfect

This little guy is beyond adorable, and his doting mom knows it. Any man who leaves Paradise with Cassandra will have the added bonus of meeting Trey — so I hope the guy she picks appreciates how lucky he is!

Image: Cassandra Ferguson/Instagram