'Brave's Merida Is Coming To 'Sofia The First,' So Is Fall 2015 Going To Be The Season Of Merida?

With her flaming red hair, archery skills, and fiery temper, Merida is the coolest Disney princess. Now, Disney seems to be catching on to this fact: According to Deadline, Brave 's Merida is heading to Sofia the First , a computer animated series that airs on Disney Junior. This news comes shortly after it was revealed that Merida will appear on ABC's Once Upon A Time this fall — so, after all this, I feel safe in saying this is the season of Merida goodness. Not only will a live action Merida be hanging out with Belle on OUAT, but she will also be going on adventures with Disney Junior princess Sofia during a special four-episode arc!

This is all good news for Disney fans who have been craving more Brave since Merida made her princess debut back in 2012 (aka me), considering there has been a definite drought of Merida awesomeness since then. Could fall 2015 be Merida's big comeback?

On Sofia the First, Merida is set to be part of The Secret Library arc. Sofia inherits a collection of magical books without endings, and the only way for the stories to end is for Sofia to take part in the narrative. So, basically it's every bookworm's dream come true.

While you probably don't watch Sofia the First unless you have preschoolers at home, you should definitely check out these four episodes to see two awesome Disney princesses — Sofia and Merida — team up to finish an adventure together. You don't have to be four years old to appreciate the awesome in that scenario. Sofia the First: The Secret Library kicks off Monday, October 12 at 9:00 a.m. ET on Disney Channel, so you will probably want to set your DVR.

Sofia isn't the only princess Merida will be hanging with this fall. Over on OUAT, Merida is set to become BFFs with Belle. There aren't many details yet on how this comes about, but I don't need details when there is a Merida/Belle friendship in my future. Merida is also rumored to be part of the Camelot tale, which involves the Dark Swan version of Emma. The latest OUAT news from CarterMatt reveals episode six of OUAT Season 5 is titled "The Bear and The Bow," which was the original title of Brave. Why yes, that does sound suspiciously like a Merida-centric episode.

Disney won't be giving the world a Brave 2 anytime soon, but at least Merida is hanging with all the cool kids. The only thing that would make Merida's fall even better? Her very own spinoff! With any luck, Merida's increased visibility thanks to OUAT and Sofia the First will lead to her getting her very own show. Until then, be sure you do your part for Merida by watching her be epic for all ages, and consider Merida as a Halloween costume. This is her season, after all — and who doesn't want to hit a Halloween party wearing a massive red wig and carrying a (plastic) crossbow on your shoulder?

Merida would be so proud.

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