Yes, Everything Really Is Better With Cats

It’s an unwritten rule of the Internet that everything gets better if you add a cat, and the new book Men & Cats does exactly that. It takes something that’s already pretty great (namely, hot guys) — and adds cats. And it’s fantastic.

If you’ve spent a lot of time Googling cat pictures (which, let’s face it, you have), you may have already come across the original Tumblr on which this book is based. Ever since February 2013, French blog Des Hommes et des Chatons has been pairing sexy male models with pictures of cats in similar poses. I have to say, I agree with the Huffington Post on this one, who said “We have just one question: Why did it take so long for someone to come up with this?”

We’ve known for a while that pairing hot guys with things is a winning formula: and we’ve got “Hot Dudes With Dogs” and “Hot Guys Eating Salad” to prove it. And now, finally, we can satisfy our love for hot guys with our love for cats all at once, with this chic new coffee-table book. It’s available to buy now, so I’m not sure why you haven’t already bought it. Now, feast your eyes on these for a sneak preview of what’s in store!

It's hard to tell who's rocking the hat better in that picture, to be honest.

Now that's how you do a Downwards Facing Dog.

I don't know which one I want to snuggle with more...

Which one would you rather wake up to?

Sure, the guy looks dapper in his suit — but this cat's bowtie game is seriously strong.

Sold? Take a peek at the book's front cover for one more adorable man/cat pairing. And then go and buy Men & Cats for the full collection.

Images: Men & Cats/Penguin