7 Steps To Establishing A Jewelry Uniform

When it comes to choosing an outfit, the more options, the better. But when it comes to jewelry, I only really need a few solid, reliable pieces, which brings me to the importance of creating a personal jewelry uniform. My wardrobe is full of clothing, and sometimes (most times) it's super overwhelming. But I like my options, and every day I sort through my stuff looking for something new to work into my basic pieces. However, this story is much different with jewelry. I would much rather throw on some studs and keep on my favorite necklace than mess with dangling, sparkling earrings, large cocktail rings, and chunky statement necklaces.

As much as I love those things, they're not practical for everyday. And while I'm a big advocate for wearing whatever I like whenever I like, on most days I'm typically reaching for my basic jewelry pieces that go well with everything I'm wearing, have sentimental meanings behind them, and are simply just easy to wear and not something I have to worry about. Which is exactly why I've developed a sort of jewelry uniform that I wear almost every day.

So, think of a jewelry uniform as the lazy girl's guide to wearing jewelry, or the pieces you would like to be known for wearing, because it shouldn't be stressful or an afterthought, but something you can simply throw on before you start your day. Here are seven steps to establishing a jewelry uniform, or seven steps to adjusting your own because you probably already have one, and don't even know it.

1. Start With Your Essentials

By essentials, I mean the pieces that you either cannot take off for a special reason, or refuse to take off for a special reason. Not just your favorite charm bracelet or a pair of statement earrings you really like. Simply the pieces that at the end of the day still stay on you despite removing all other pieces.

Ranging from a jade bangle, to a good luck charm bracelet, to a diamond ring (yes, that kind of diamond ring), those pieces can stay and they'll be the foundation of how you build your jewelry uniform. Mine, as you can see, is comprised of a lucky bracelet (those evil eyes have got my back), and a necklace my S.O. bought me, and a basic pair of stud earrings. The pieces I add next have a lot to do with what I'm already wearing.

2. Focus On One Area At A Time

And that brings me to picking out those pieces. But don't just pick out what you like or what catches your eye first because as beautiful as that huge ruby ring is, it's not going to be great for a jewelry uniform. Reach for pieces that are somewhat neutral, sans lot's of color or embellishments. Pick pieces you could wear with your whole wardrobe.

For me, that's a few necklaces, a ring, and some stud earrings. Yes, I know it seems super boring, but that's kind of the point. But you'll see shortly how it gets more creative.

3. But Keep The Bigger Picture In Mind

One of my biggest struggles with jewelry is the urge to put every single piece on my body. Yes, I know, that's quite impossible and most likely really overdoing it. But can you blame me when everything in my jewelry box sparkles so bright? No, I didn't think so.

After picking out the pieces I want to wear, I go back to them and reevaluate how they'll look together. Sometimes I put a few pieces on to see, and sometimes I can eliminate quite a few by just looking at necklaces, bracelets, and earrings all together on my dresser. Remember, you want to pick pieces that look good with everything.

4. Try On Your Options

Easily my favorite part is trying on the jewelry pieces I picked out and seeing how they work with each other. This where I really look for interesting lengths, different textures, metal thicknesses, or really anything that you notice may work best with those essentials you're already wearing.

For me, I loved how a longer lariat necklace looked with my essential necklace, and the crescent moon studs looked really pretty with basic studs and a hoop earring. As per my wrist, I mixed in some silver with my essential gold bracelet.

5. Don't Be Afraid To Mix Metals

This is one rule that I cannot stand. Yes, you can mix gold and silver. Yes, you can mix rose gold with gold. Yes, you can mix whatever you like, as long as you love the way it looks. I'm a big believer that gold and silver are actually a match made in heaven, so whoever invented that rule that you should never wear them together goes in my burn book.

In all seriousness, silver and black are totally complementary of each other. Plus, they're both metallics, and as long as you're not overdoing either one you're going to get a pretty mix that will be perfect for everyday.

6. Work In Your Statement Pieces

Like I said before, having go-to pieces on a regular basis makes picking items from your jewelry box less intimidating — especially when you're collection is riddled with statement pieces. But just because you're sticking to the rather basic pieces for every day doesn't mean you can't work in the statement pieces for those special occasions.

The trick to working in a statement piece is getting the right length around your other pieces. Make sure no piece is overlapping or covering the other. The same goes for dangling earrings, cuff bracelets, or any large statement piece. When you do wear a statement piece, all your other pieces should compliment it, but not challenge it.

7. Have Fun

By no means are you creating a jewelry uniform for the rest of your life. Your jewelry uniform is simply meant to be convenient and easy, and not something you're going to be wearing to the grave. Feel free to switch up your essential pieces, work in new charms, metals, and lengths. And remember: it's supposed to be fun, creative, and a reflection of some of your favorite pieces to rock on a daily basis. So don't get too caught up with your decisions on what to wear, but focus more how you feel in them with the rest of your clothes.

After all, a jewelry uniform is a girl's best friend!

Images: Melodi Erdogan