Two Exclusive Covers For An Amazing YA Series

Sally Green's magical Half Bad series has been compared to J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books, but not how you might think. Imagine instead, the comparison has said, if Harry never had the chance to attend Hogwarts, if he was still stuck, abused and alone, under his uncle's stairs. That is Nathan's story, which continues in Green's Half Bad series finale Half Lost .

Green's darkly magical series has already made major waves all around the globe. It has two Guinness World Records under its belt: The Most Translated Book by a Debut Author, Pre-publication —selling in a whopping 45 languages before it was released in the U.K. — and Most Translated Children's Book By a Debut Author. Fox 2000 snapped up the film rights practically immediately, and as a symbol of its importance to the production company, it tapped Karen Rosenfelt to produce. Rosenfelt has experience producing a small YA series called Twilight.

Nathan's story began in Green's debut novel Half Bad , where readers were swirled into the story of modern-day England where witches live in secret alongside humans, and where Black and White witches are trapped in an endless battle. Nathan is half White witch, but his absentee father is the most evil and powerful Black witch who has ever lived. For this reason he is kept in a cage, beaten and tested. He knows his only chance is to escape, find his evil father, and receive the three gifts all witches are bestowed on their birthday. His story continued in the sequel Half Wild (no spoilers!) after an encounter with Marcus, as Nathan struggles to grow into his magical powers while being hunted from witches on both sides of the war.

Half Lost will bring Nathan's story to a close, and if the title is any indication, things don't get much easier for our favorite young man witch. Nathan is still on the run, but now he has one mission in mind: Find the missing half of an amulet, an ancient artifact that has the power to make its wearer invincible in battle.

Thanks to publisher Penguin Random House, we have an exclusive cover reveal of Sally Green's Half Lost.

But there's a bonus! Characters Gabriel and Michele, young Black witches whose lives intertwine with Nathan's over the course of the series, got their own e-novella Half Lies, where they were able to tell their own stories. And Green listened to us clamouring for more, and so she's also releasing another supplementary story Half Truths, which will continue to follow Gabriel. And, yes, we have the exclusive reveal of that cover too.

Thankfully, we don't have to wait too long for Half Truths, which will be on sale November 3. And you have plenty of time to catch up on all the magical action of Green's innovative series before Half Lost hits shelves on March 29, 2016. Trust me, you're not going to want to miss it.

Images: Courtesy of Penguin Random House