'Once Upon A Time' Season 5 Reveals Another Episode Title, Hinting At A Merida-Centric Storyline

As the long-awaited premiere of Once Upon A Time Season 5 inches closer (at a snail's pace, I might add), we're learning more and more about what we can expect when it all kicks off. From Dark Swan to Merlin and a journey to Camelot, we're certainly in for some excitement come September 27. Now it seems things are getting even better when it comes to Merida, the Brave heroine that will join Once — and the Knights of the Round Table — later this month. Executive producer Adam Horowitz has shared the title of the sixth episode of the season on his Twitter page, and if "The Bear and the Bow" is anything to go by, it seems as though we might be getting a Merida-centric storyline!

Horowitz has been sharing script titles for the past few months, and while it's hard to speculate on an entire storyline based on just a few words, it's pretty safe to say that Merida wouldn't have been added to the Once family is she wasn't going to have a major part to play, both in terms of the Dark Swan situation and her own character development. What exactly that part will be is yet to be seen, but what we do know is that the Merida we'll meet is several years post-Brave, which might give a bit of context.

"The Bear and the Bow", to me, sounds like a bit of an adventure story. We know that Merida is amazing at archery, so that's likely what "the bow" comes from, but what's up with the bear? Could she meet a fairytale bear-like creature somewhere in Camelot and have to embark on a rescue mission? Could this be when the Merida and Belle BFF-ship really takes off? Of course it's impossible to say, but it's exciting to think of what this story could be about. It certainly has the ring of a good old fashioned storybook plot, but that remains to be seen.

Much like Anna and Elsa from Frozen, Merida will no doubt make a serious mark on the Storybook crew before she moves on. There's always the chance that she could prove so popular that she sticks around, but given that the character is only on loan from Pixar, we should probably just enjoy her while we can before we move on to the next princess.

Image: ABC