Will Austin Betray The Twins On 'Big Brother 17'? He Might Abandon His Lady To Survive In The Game

Alliances are never simple on Big Brother; that's kind of the whole point to the game. People create partnerships when it serves them, and then ditch them the second they need to. It's all about staying in the house and not getting evicted. The only time when that goes out the window is when personal feelings get involved, messing everything up. Arguably, one of the strongest alliances on the show has been Austin and the twins. Liz and Julia are obviously looking out for each other (having swapped in and out numerous times), and Austin and Liz have a complicated romantic relationship, with Lizten becoming an official couple (even though Austin had a girlfriend at home when the show started). I figured that with that bizarro-land triangle they just might be strong enough to beat Vanessa who is, in my opinion, the biggest power player in the game. But will Austin betray the twins on Big Brother?

All bets might be off, as reports are now coming out that Austin might betray the twins to save himself from eviction. Not exactly a gentleman, but also not a terrible strategy. This isn't the first time that Austin has been a threat to one of the blondes. It was only July when Austin was working to eliminate Julia to keep Liz in the house, and even though they've settled into an alliance, he clearly cannot be trusted. Check out this BB17 feed update and see for yourself.

Sure, this could easily be a part of a larger plan — granted Austin has never been a master strategist, but he could just be straight up lying here. However, this is not the first sign of trouble for the twins, and, when you add it up, it looks like Austin is really going to go for it.

It's not looking great. Plus, Austin made it very clear when Clay completely blew up his game for Shelley that he would not play like that, and losing the game for someone else is dumb. (Which is kind of hypocritical, since he has for sure done the same for Liz.) Does he mean it? Will he go through with it? We know he cannot wait to get Liz to jury house, and he's made some direct promises not to vote out Julia, so I don't really know what to think At this point, I'm pretty much rooting for Julia to catch him out and flip the game on him.

Image: CBS