What To Do When You Apply Too Much Hair Product

by Sienna Fantozzi

There's literally nothing more frustrating than taking the time to wash, dry, and style your hair (and I definitely don't downplay the fact that I hate washing my hair), only to accidentally apply too much hair product in it and have it end up looking greasier and dirtier than before you washed it. Complete waste of time, much? But don't worry — there's a way you can fix it WITHOUT washing it all over again.

No matter what texture or type of hair you have, we can all probably agree upon the importance of styling products. Frizz-reducers, shine serums, hair sprays, and the all-important heat protectants — you can't wash your hair without putting something (or multiple things) on it. But sometimes you (read: I) get a little squeeze-happy and put too much serum on, leaving hair looking oily and greasy, even when it's freshly cleaned. Or maybe you spritz too much hairspray and your silky soft hair hardens, becoming stiff and brittle. Your first inclination (after, you know, treating your bathroom mirror to a minor temper tantrum) might be to jump back in the shower and rewash it, but don't. Not everyone has the time for that (and even if you did, why waste it?). Also, there are other solutions that don't require lathering up.

Next time you put too much product in your hair, try these tips to fix it before you re-wash it.

1. Make Sure It's Actually Dry

Just relax for a hot minute. If a section of your hair looks greasy and you think you may have put too much product on it, it could just still be wet. Either wait until your hair has completely air dried, or blow-dry it thoroughly and reevaluate once it's dry. Wet hair can look clumpy and weird, but then look totally normal when it's dry. So don't do anything drastic until you know for sure.

2. If It's A Small Section, Wet & Shampoo That One Spot

You don't even have to get back in the shower. Just run the section of hair under your sink faucet (or use your hands/a cloth/a comb to wet it), massage a small amount of shampoo on it, and rinse/blot it up again with water. Air or blow-dry it and you are good to go.

3. Grab Your Hair Brush

Mason Pearson Brush, $150, Amazon

Brushing can help loosen things up (which is why hair brushes are like, the enemy to girls who have curled their hair), so run a brush or a wide-tooth comb through the parts of your hair with too much product to help break it up.

4. Soften It With Heat

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This shouldn't be your first solution, because as you know, heat can damage your hair, but heat can also loosen up product. Run a flat iron over the greased-up parts or blast it with a hair dryer, but use caution when doing so, and definitely DON'T try this if your hair is already dry/damaged.

5. Turn To Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk Natural, $20, Amazon

This won't help if you've over hair sprayed, but if oil/serum is the problem, dry shampoo can soak it up just like it does when your hair is naturally oily.

6. Use A Beach Spray

Oribe Beach Wave, $22, N eiman Marcus

If the product is just not loosening, then pretend the crunchy/wet/messy look was something you totally intended. Spray a beach spray all over and start scrunching.

7. Surrender To The Fact That You Aren't Wearing Your Hair Down Today

If none of the above work, then wearing your hair down is just not happening. Opt for a braid, a top knot, or a hat. You'll still look fab — promise!

Images: Unsplash; Neiman Marcus; jaimek/Flickr; Sephora; Nordstrom