Is Nick P. Single After 'Bachelor in Paradise'? He May Have Finally Found His Perfect Match

Maybe I'm crazy, but of all of the couples from Bachelor in Paradise Season 2, I think Samantha and Nick P. are, in a way, perfect for one another. But is Nick Peterson single now that Bachelor in Paradise is over? It's Iikely that he's still in a relationship with Samantha. When it was rumored that Nick was going to be on Bachelor in Paradise, I was skeptical — who would want to be in a relationship with him after what happened to Rebecca, his partner on Bachelor Pad 3 ? She was cheated out of half of the $250,000 prize when Nick he elected to keep it all for himself. But you know what, being left at the Bachelor Pad altar would never happen to Samantha. Sure, she wasn't the right type for Chris Soules, but she's perfect for a Bachelor Nation veteran like Nick P.

And Nick had better be a good match for Samantha. Though it's hard to tell with her, because she's been filled with surprises this season. First she acted innocent on Twitter about Joe's declaration of passionate love, though she really knew what was going on. Still, she deflected it with aplomb, proving that her poker face is convincing, at least at first (denying the pre-show texts never really worked). Even with the unpredictability, I think Nick and Samantha are a good match, and there's plenty of evidence that they're still together post-Paradise. It's a subtle shift, but Nick P. might have gone from a singleton to a committed man, and if you examine his social media posts closely enough, you can tell.

Nick Is Considering A Big Move

According to Inquisitr, Nick has spoken on Periscope about wanting to potentially move to California, not too far from where Samantha lives in Los Angeles. That's probably the biggest suggestion that these two could be together.

He's Making Jokes About Samantha's Singlehood

Spoken like someone who knows a thing or two about Samantha's relationship status right now.

They Both Love Quoting The Bible

Religion isn't usually brought up on the show, but plenty of contestants have made a point to show how important their religious beliefs are to them. So Sammi and Nick both being passionate about sharing Bible verses could mean that they're spiritually compatible enough to stay together.

He Makes A Good Point About His Profession

Personal trainers have been pretty successful in love on Bachelor shows lately, which bodes well for Nick's abs and their impact on his love life. And Samantha has been posting an above-average amount of workout selfies, so maybe his passion for exercise is rubbing off on her.

She Favorited His Bizarre Joke

I thought Nick's joke went super dark, but I guess it didn't bother Samantha, because she favorited the Tweet about her turning him down. A new boyfriend making that joke is, at least, kind of ironic.

He's Happy To Admit Their Prior Texts, Not Furious

Maybe I'm giving Joe too much credit, but it must be tough to realize that the person you though came on a reality TV show for you had no plans for commitment, so his immaturity is understandable, if not respectful. Nick's reaction was much more magnanimous right off the bat, suggesting that at the very least, he has a much better relationship with Samantha now than Joe does. If they're still together, maybe he even looks back on this fondly.

He Also Admits That He Has No Idea What He's Doing

Nick bounces back and forth from seeming single and ready to mingle to a committed relationship guy. But that makes sense, because he literally admitted that he's all over the place and his plans never quite came together. Hey, I don't think Samantha planned to be accused of putting spells on people either. But somehow, these two Bachelor in Paradise schemers found one another and, judging by Nick's social media, are probably still together. It's a strange love story, sure, but it's a fascinating relationship, and I'm rooting for these two to work it out.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC