Commercial Free Hulu Means You Should Marathon These 7 Excellent Shows Immediately

The underdog of streaming services, Hulu, finally announced an ad-free option for its customers yesterday, and in other news, it looks like the TV God I talk to every night has finally answered my prayers. Welcome to the big leagues, Hulu. We’re so happy to have you. Hulu’s new plan that allows users to bypass advertisements is out now, and will only cost you $11.99 per month. Sure that’s a bit more than my beloved Netflix, but it’s less than HBONow, and to be totally honest, it looks like Hulu’s about to step up its game (see: big films like Hunger Games becoming available in October), so that extra couple of bucks might really worth be it.

September, specifically, will be a huge month for Hulu. They have exclusive rights to some pretty big shows, and are boasting an impressive fall TV lineup. Hulu features more current network TV than any other streaming service right now, so if that's your thing, you should be preparing the paperwork to sell your soul as we speak, i.e. signing up.

If you do decide to add this subscription service to your life, or if you already have it (I like you), make sure you don't miss these shows.

1. The Mindy Project

If nothing else convinces you to try out Hulu, The Mindy Project will. I personally have considered writing a thank you card to Hulu for keeping The Mindy Project alive after Fox canceled it, but my lawyer advised me against it for some weird reason. Anyway, Mindy and the gang return to your screens (and by screens I mean probably those of the computer variety), September 15.

2. Fargo

The adapted Coen Brothers classic, Fargo, just made its way onto Hulu in August, and guess what? They have exclusive rights to the show. FX has been consistently putting out quality programs, and this one is no exception. The perfect time to catch up on this show though is, like, yesterday though because Season 2 is set to premiere in October (starring Kirsten Dunst and Patrick Wilson).

3. Scream Queens

Obviously I can't comment on whether or not this show is good since it hasn't premiered yet, but come on. Have you seen that title sequence? Have you seen the cast? If this show is not good, I'll probably scream. Get ready to watch it on Hulu, September 23.

4. Seinfeld

Out of all the subscription services in the entire universe, the powers behind Seinfeld decided to put this masterpiece of a sitcom on Hulu. It's been available since June, but honestly, this list didn't feel complete without a mention. If you're not sure where to start, try these episodes.

5. Fresh Off The Boat

The series, based on writer Eddie Huang's experience of growing up as an Asian-American, has finally broadened the narrative of Asian-American families. About time, amirite? Catch up on the first season (available now), so you can be set to check out the series' second season premiere on September 23.

6. Difficult People

The only Hulu original series on this list, Difficult People, stars one of my favorite humans ever, Billy Eichner, and is produced by one of my other favorite humans ever, Amy Poehler. It essentially follows the lives of two struggling comedians in New York (Eichner and co-star, Julie Klausner) which doesn't sound revolutionary, but the character-centric scenario makes the show feel fresh. And hilarious.

7. Empire

I mean, how could I not include Empire? If you haven't seen the first season, I only need to ask you one thing: Are you OK? I'm worried about you. You'll need to sprint-marathon this ASAP so you can get ready to catch up on the obviously-going-to-be-epic second season, which will be available on Hulu September 24.

Why are you still here? You have so much TV to watch. Get on it, girl.

Image: Beth Dubber/FOX; Chris Large/FX; FOX (2); Sony Pictures Television; Hulu; Ron Tom/ABC