9 Things That Only Happen When You Live In Rosewood, Because The 'Pretty Little Liars' Town Is One Weird Place

Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hanna may be our eyes into the story on Pretty Little Liars , but there's another piece of this series that is just as vital to the show's DNA — and that's the town of Rosewood. In many ways, this small town in Pennsylvania is like a character in and of itself: it holds more secrets and mysteries than any of its residents could fathom. How many other towns do you know of that contain secret siblings, masked stalkers, and multiple people who have faked their own deaths? (OK, so technically, there is Ravenswood, but that's a whole other story.) Rosewood is a special little enclave of mystery, so its no surprise that residents barely bat an eye when even the craziest stuff occurs within it. It's just the Rosewood way.

Murder and mayhem are deeply rooted in Rosewood's culture, which they should probably put in the welcome packet lest an unsuspecting family moves in who isn't so cool with digging bodies out of their backyards. (Hey, you never know who might bite the dust and get buried next to your azaleas.) But, just in case the Rosewood welcoming committee doesn't want to do that, here are some things that only happen in Rosewood. (You've all been warned.)

1. A Student Dating Their High School Teacher Is (Mostly) Acceptable

Sure, their parents might be mad for a few weeks, but it's not like the police are going to get involved. They're way too busy dealing with the murder of the week.

2. Everyone Gets Shipped Off To The Same Psychiatric Facility

In Rosewood, there's only one place you go to deal with your mental health issues, and that's the sanitarium that looks like it's straight out of 1957. Honestly, the asylum from American Horror Story: Asylum might be a better place to get treatment!

3. Secret Siblings Come Out Of The Woodwork...

For instance: Spencer and Melissa are the half-siblings of Ali's older brother Jason, because their dad thought it appropriate to get it on with their next door neighbor.

4 ...And Sometimes Cause Awkward Incest Situations

Melissa and Jason made out before realizing, gross, they're related — but that's nothing compared to the fact that Cece had an actual relationship with Jason. Sure, she did point out that he was always frustrated due to the fact that she refused to have sex with him (knowing full well that he was her brother) but I'm not OK with these two going to any bases.

5. No One Bats An Eye When Someone Gets Murdered

Pretty much everyone in town has been the suspect of a murder, or murdered themselves. So, really, it's just a matter of time before everyone gets swept up in the action.

6. Doppelgangers Pop Up Everywhere

Rosewood rivals Mystic Falls for presence of lookalikes, and, as proven by the whole Rhys/Jason thing, it ain't over yet.

7. The Police Act Shadier Than The People They Arrest

Trust no Rosewood cop. Except for maybe Toby... and even he was on the A Team at one point!

8. Any New Person In Town Is Revealed To Be Evil Down The Line

Damn, I knew we shouldn't have trusted Sara Harvey...

9. The Only Place To Get A Latte Is The Brew

It's also the place where you'll have awkward run-ins with your ex, that person who stalked you for two years, or your mom's shady fiancé. Oh the things one will do for caffeine...

If you're thinking about relocating to Pennsylvania, may I suggest Haverford? Way less murders in Haverford — and way more Starbucks locations!

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