Are Nick & Samantha Still Together After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Their Relationship Had A Pretty Rocky Start

Samantha Steffen is probably one of the most interesting ladies on Bachelor in Paradise right now. She came in with quite a bit of fanfare, thanks to Joe talking non-stop about how he couldn't wait for her to finally show up and be his lady love. Things did not exactly go Joe's way (since he was a manipulative jerk about pretty much everything) and after just one episode of romance, they fell right apart. Fortunately, Joe wasn't the only guy for her. Nick Peterson had a thing for Samantha, and they, too, had been talking before the show. But, with the show's final previews showing that Nick and Sam start dating, which is cute and all, but the real question is: do Nick and Samantha stay together after Bachelor In Paradise? [UPDATE: As of the BiP finale, Nick and Samantha are still happily dating.]

We won't know for sure until the finale, but I'm going to make an educated guess and say no, Sam and Nick do not stay together. Mostly because I'm pretty sure one of the only reasons Sam was talking to Nick prior to the show was to work every possible angle to make sure she made it far in Bachelor in Paradise, and was stacking the rose deck in her favor, if you will. Now there is nothing wrong with that at all — in fact it's a pretty clever move, but it doesn't exactly make the most solid foundation to build a relationship off of.

Add to that the fact that, while Nick has been pretty mushy towards her on Twitter, Sam has only ever called him her "friend." Sorry, dude, but I think that might mean she's just not that into you.

Since Samantha was such a high profile member of this season's cast, I think the chances of her going back to Mexico for Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 are very good, and I cannot picture her letting a relationship with Nick stand in the way of that. They may make it to the finale together, but I doubt they lasted long after the cameras turned off.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell