Beyonce Debuts Bangs On Her Blog & We're Totally Digging The Throwback Look

Say this mantra out loud: There is nothing Bey can't do, there is nothing Bey can't do. Including changing up her locks — Beyonce just debuted new bangs on her blog, and it's giving us some serious nostalgia for her 2006 album cover for B Day . And really, we could all use some life from that album.

With her darker roots exposed, wispy pieces of hair, and a lighter, blonde hue, Beyoncé showed off her new bangs in a simple, rose-colored v-neck and of course, flawless skin. She woke up like this, y'all! Queen B has never been one to shy away from different hairstyles — from rocking her natural curls, to a top bun and braid combo, to stick-straight, to blunt, straight-across bangs — she's literally done it all. And done it with style, may I add.

Perhaps her most notable and memorable hair look was her little baby bangs she debuted in Paris just last year. Of course, she killed it as usual, and her stans did not hesitate to cop the look for themselves. Though she didn't rock the look for long, I thought it was a fun, babydoll look that was different from her usual go-to hairstyles (though really, there's not much she can't pull off).

Bey's been a fan of bangs in her music videos, too. Who can forget her Why Don't You Love Me vid, where she totally rocked the pinup look, slaying in the short bangs yet again. And — she also pulls them out for the Video Phone music video! Hey, if it works, it works. My favorite Beyonce look is actually her top twist and faux bangs. So easy and chic! Of course, there were plenty of other times when Bey rocked a fresh set of bangs.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Check out this serious throwback to 2004 — look at that neck piece, and that bling!

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

May I present to you, 2003 Beyonce, in probably her most classic look of long locks and simple bangs.

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One more time, with a scrunchie! Man, 2003 was really a year of bangs for her. And with good reason, too!

Matthew Simmons/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Now, with a little sassy curl action going on here. Seriously, I'm getting a little mad about how her face literally carries any type of hairstyle with grace.

Queen B debuted her new bangs just a day before her 34th birthday — another year older, another hairstyle killed. You do you, Bey!