Kendall Jenner's Sleep Ensemble Is Just Like Yours

Sometimes a sexy selfie doesn't even need to show a person's face or eye-popping cleavage in order to elicit a response or to turn a lot of heads. Kendall Jenner posted a selfie in her undies. But we only see the striped waistband of her panties and her loose, pink graphic tee, which features a car.

It's not that shocking, since Jenner went topless for her Calvin Klein ads and models the brand's iconic intimates.

Regardless, the elder Jenner sister showed off her cute and comfy sleepwear combo, as opposed to overly sexy and suggestive lingerie. Don't most of us sleep in a tee and panties, like so, as late summer begins to fade into fall? I admit that I do!

It actually looks like a bellybutton selfie from our girl Kendall, who has been the model of the moment in 2015. She often comes across as the most reserved member of the Kardashian family. With her sisters posting tons of revealing and voluptuous selfies, we only get a hint and a tease from Jenner.

A shot such as this only serves to up her mystique. So score one for Kendall. She nabbed a million likes for this shot, too.

There's the Calvin Klein underwear model in her skivvies. It's actually an easy, breezy sleep combo.

Loungewear can totally consist of a cozy tee and undies. It doesn't always need to be racy and lacy or a PJ set. You can create a sleep outfit from separates.

This boxy tee is an essential sleep shirt. ($10,

This sleeveless muscle tank is just right for late summer or early fall nights where you can turn of the AC and sleep with the window open! When it's not too hot and not too cold, yet perfectly and comfortably warm, this tank is just right for napping. ($10,

Either top would pair perfectly with a pair of boy shorts. ($3,

In the mood for a little more sleep style? Well, this criss-crossed bikini bottom does the trick. ($6,

If you want to kopy Kendall's komfy undies look, these sleep separates will get you started. Sleepytime isn't meant to be a fashion show, however, you don't have to be schlubby when you sleep — you never know who might wake you up!

Jenner certainly provided the inspo for sleepy cuteness.

Images: Kendall Jenner/Instagram (1); Forever 21 (4)