Are Tanner & Jade Still Engaged After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? They Reveal The Status Of Their Relationship

It's hard to keep secrets on social media, but in the case of these reality television sweethearts, it just proves how strong a love has grown off-camera. That's right, Tanner and Jade are still engaged after the Bachelor In Paradise season finale. They just couldn't hide it anymore, y'all! The couple sneakily became a fan favorite, and it paid off! Which is great, because they were one of the cutest couples on the show with compatibility to boot. Fortunately, the couple got engaged on the show and announced officially that they are still together on the BiP talk show After Paradise. As Chris Harrison put it, "Life after Paradise— even better." This couple has only gotten stronger, despite all the hiding out to keep up the secrecy of the show.

The title card at the end of the finale seemed to confirm that they were still engaged and looking forward to their wedding next summer in Mexico, though After Paradise neither confirmed or denied a date beyond Jade's secret wedding Pinterest board. Chris Harrison mentioned sending them to Mexico, but did he mean for the wedding or like, next week?

A lot of fans thought the #Janner relationship in Paradise was too good to be true. However, if they weren't still together, then the Periscope spoilers (in which Jade had to quickly end a session when she realized her location outside of Tanner's hometown was visible) would have been hard to explain. Jade and Tanner were clearly either super into each other, or deserving of Emmy awards for their social media performance. I imagine that it must be a relief to be able to live truthfully now. I mean, just look at this cryptic Instagram that Jade posted on Friday. According to that, it really could have gone either way.

Now that we know the truth of hers and Tanner's relationship, it's clear that it was under our noses this whole time. Will they actually walk down the aisle after this engagement? We have a whole year to find out for certain, and I love that they've chosen a destination wedding to honor their Paradise roots. Well, it wouldn't be the most shocking thing to happen on this show, that's for sure! Congrats to the happy couple!

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC (2)