Will Jade & Tanner Stay Together On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Here's Why They're Going To Last Past The Show's End

The finale is on its way, which means that the couples of Bachelor in Paradise will be forced to make a big decision: to stay together or to split? Out of all of the pairs in Paradise right now, I'd be willing to bet Jade and Tanner will stay together after the show. And it's not just that they're lovey-dovey, either. Being a Paradise couple that's successful in real life is more about just affection, and that's not always a good thing for fans of the show.

For example, the Samantha/Nick P./Joe love triangle was probably the best part of Season 2, and I have to say no disrespect, but I had my doubts all along that Sam and Joe were going to get hitched in the future. And that's just fine. It wouldn't be Bachelor in Paradise if everyone got a happy ending, or even wanted one. This show would not be the outstanding hit of the summer if at least three people did not storm away and leave the series because they were unhappy with something, or if the first few weeks weren't filled with weeping and crying from every which way.

And the evidence that Jade and Tanner are on their way to making this relationship work isn't just in the spoilers for the show (though if you're interested in them, Reality Steve does have some opinions about how Tanner and Jade wind up), but in what BiP has already shown onscreen, such as:

They're Getting Boring

Being less-than-thrilling on reality TV is probably the best way to tell if a couple is going to last. Think of every successful couple you know in real life. Probably exactly none of them would make for good TV stars.

They Got Together At The Beginning Of 'Paradise'

For the first few episodes of Paradise, it was all about Tenley and her three suitors. But quietly in the background, Jade and Tanner were setting the stage for their relationship.

They Have A Portmanteau

Don't belittle it, Jade. Own your half of #Janner! The name is a real indication that everyone is getting attached to these guys as a couple.

They're Totally Comfortable With One Another

All of Bachelor in Paradise is filmed in just a few weeks, so even couples who say they're starting to fall for one another are pretty awkward. But for the most part, Jade and Tanner have been totally comfortable with one another.

They Have Couple Friends

Jade has been hanging out with Carly IRL, and Kirk & Tanner have gotten in on the love via social media.

They Have So Many Similarities To Marcus & Lacy

A boring, nice couple who got together right away and hang out all the time, to the point where the rest of the cast totally thinks of them as a single unit? Sounds like Jade and Tanner are this season's version of Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul. And even though Marcus & Lacy's televised wedding was fake, maybe a fake wedding is in Tanner & Jade's future. One can only hope.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC (4)