Is Jade Single After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? She & Tanner Could Go The Distance

The quests to find true love on Bachelor in Paradise is sadly coming to an end and some have fared better than others. Luckily, Jade and Tanner found what looks like a lasting love — but the big question is if it could last past Mexico. Is Jade single post- Bachelor in Paradise ? On social media, it looks like Jade is still very much into Tanner — and the feeling is mutual. They both post memories from the show that include one another and freely RT each other on Twitter. That kind of cute social media involvement usually belongs to couples.

Plus, it's been rumored that Jade ends her run in Paradise with a shiny ring on her finger, according to Reality Steve (beware of spoilers!). But it looks like promos for next week's two-night season finale wants us to all believe differently — in it, Tanner tells Jade he can't give her a rose. Wait, what? Could Janner end in total drama instead of a cute proposal? Here's hoping it's just a snippet taken out of context and the promo was made with some creative Bachelor editing (paging the confessional raccoon).

Aside from the promo, I think there's a lot more evidence that supports my theory that Jade is no longer on the market.

She's All About The Romance

So mushy. Totally a sign of someone with a sweetheart.

So Much Cute Reminiscing

These adorable throwbacks are usually done by couples looking back at how far they've come together. It would be a little awkward to do it if they had split, right?

No Pics Of Her With Any Other Guys

Okay, so the above with new Bachelor Ben Higgins is an exception. But other than that, the other males in Jade's photos are mostly family. No other suspect guy friends of the sort. Interesting, right?

That Hashtag Though

Janner, their official shipper name, wouldn't be so funny as a hashtag if Jade and Tanner had broken up. To a woman in love, it would be the cutest.

Advice To Future Paradise Dwellers?

With this tweet, did Jade just tell us her secret for keeping her relationship with Tanner in tact? Of course, she follows up the tweet by saying it's a joke, but you know the saying — there's some truth in every joke. And the truth here could be that Jade and Tanner are still together.

"Land Of Boring Couples"

Tanner tweeted the above and Jade then RT'd it. When he says, "It gets lonely in the land of the boring couples," notice that he uses present tense. As in, they are currently a very much in love boring couple as he typed that tweet. Ahem.

Really, all signs point to Jade being 100-percent off the market. Maybe those are tears of joy in the promos, after all.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC