Does Tanner Pay For Jade's Ring On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? If They Get Engaged, He'll Be Sitting Pretty

There's been no shortage of drama on this season of Bachelor in Paradise . Until now, most of the chatter has been about Joe being a total jerk, Sam and her perfect hair betraying a supposed friend, and Ashley I. crying at least five times per episode over Jared. Meanwhile, Tanner and Jade have been in the background being generally drama-free but always adorable. Now, we know one couple is getting engaged in the finale, and, if it's #Janner, I have one very important question: Since engagement rings aren't cheap, will Tanner pay for Jade's ring on Bachelor in Paradise?

If he does propose, he'll be sitting pretty financially. When any couple on the Bachelor franchise puts a ring on it, the aforementioned ring is not their financial responsibility. Not only that, but the rings are currently provided by Neil Lane — a jewelry designer favored by many celebs including Jennifer Hudson, Portia de Rossi, and Nicole Richie. You can't put a price on love, but you can put a price on an engagement ring... and let's just say all Neil Lane's designs come with a hefty bill. Although it's unclear whether ABC or Neil Lane foots the bill for the engagement ring, we know the one person who won't be paying up is Tanner. So, when it comes to this super special purchase, Tanner can spend away with the knowledge that money is no object.

So, what would look best on Jade? She always looks both chic and effortless (seriously, Jade — please teach me your ways). She may design cosmetics, but she never looks overdone. Since I'm sure Tanner is waiting with baited breath for my input, here are five Neil Lane rings that would suit Jade and complement her style:

1. Round Cut Diamond & Platinum Ring

If Tanner opts for platinum, I love this chic ring. The stone and the band are both beautiful, and it has the perfect amount of bling.

2. Heart Shaped Diamond Platinum Ring

OK, the heart may be a little on the cheesy side, but this is the reality TV romance of the decade (or at least the summer) and Jade could totally pull it off.

3. Diamond & 18K Gold Ring Set With Cushion Shape Diamond

I'm thinking platinum suits Jade best, but if Tanner decides on gold, this is a beautiful option and it's offered in both white and yellow gold.

4. Round Diamond And Platinum Ring

Although I wouldn't go so far as to describe any Neil Lane ring as "simple," this one is more understated than some of the others. It's elegant and chic, and I could totally picture it on Jade's hand.

5. Marquise Shape Diamond And Platinum Ring

The shape of the stone is unconventional, and I totally dig the detailing on the band.

Regardless of the exact ring Tanner will choose if he decides to propose, I'm sure it will look beautiful on Jade. And, I can't wait to see which wedding dress she might choose to wear for her hypothetical big day!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC; Neil Lane Jewelry (5)