71 % Of Singles Would Dump Their Date Over This

If you’re someone who’s living in a filthy or apartment or one on the seedy side of town, then it might be time to change all that. You think that your apartment and your dating life don’t go hand-in-hand, but how wrong you are. According to a new survey by dating site EliteSingles, how you live, not just cleanliness, but your apartment in general, can make or break a relationship. Basically, you just might find yourself dumped because you don’t have a toaster and have too many dirty dishes piled up in your sink. You know, because dating isn’t hard enough.

The survey found that when it comes to your living space, the people you’re dating are judging you for it. The survey asked 1,500 singles what type of apartment situations would have them running for the door and found that 71 percent of people would totally dump someone if their apartment didn’t meet with their standards and 20 percent actually have dumped someone for that reason. But let’s be honest, does anyone want to date someone who just might be living amongst bed bugs and cockroaches? Or, even worse, someone who has a video game console? No way.

But the possibility of waking up with bed bug bites aside, here are seven other apartment factors that could be interfering with your chances of true love.

1. Men Do Not Want To See Your Motivational Notes

According to the survey, the number one thing men do not want to see are your motivational notes plastered all over your apartment. But hey, if you need all that dreams and rainbows stuff to get out of bed every morning ― and some people do! ― you do you. If he likes you, he'll find a way to deal with “I believe in love!” written in lipstick in the mirror when he's checking himself out.

2. Women Will Run From Empty Apartments

For women, the biggest turn-off when it comes to apartments is one that is “empty-looking.” Although I assume “empty-looking” is subjective, having at least a coffee table to go with that ratty couch might be a step in the right direction.

Women also cringe when they see video game consoles and ugly colors ― that’s why your mom suggested some color other than orange for the walls, you guys.

3. Get Some Kitchen Equipment

Even if you don’t cook (because, hello, Seamless!), if you want to impress a date, the survey says you should invest in at least the basics when it comes to kitchen equipment. Of the things that impress a date, a well-equipped kitchen was on the top of the list. Rounding out the top five that are bound to impress are family pictures, artwork, well-stocked bookshelves, and pets. Who doesn’t want to date someone with a dog? You’ll probably end up loving the dog more than them.

4. Most People Make The Effort To Clean Up Before A Date

While this may not be totally shocking, it is a relief! According to the study, 84 percent of singles “tidy” up their place before a date. As for the 16 percent who don’t clean up, the majority of them are men, with 22 percent skipping the whole clean-up thing all together. However, before we totally start stereotyping the male gender, 14 percent of women admit to not cleaning up either.

5. Less Than Half Of People Think The Bathroom Should Be Cleaned Before A Date

Considering what goes on in your bathroom on a daily basis, the fact that one would NOT want to give it at least a brief scrub down is somewhat disturbing, but according to the study only 42 percent said the bathroom was the “most important” area of the apartment to clean. Sigh.

6. Those Sheets At Your Date’s Place Are Most Likely, Almost Definitely, Dirty

When it came to bed linens, people are far less inclined to make an effort. Of those surveyed only five percent change their sheets in anticipation for a date’s arrival. Takeaway? If you spend the night, you’re rolling around in their dead skin cells from I don't know how many months and whatever else is growing on those sheets. Since that's the case, the sex better be fan-f*cking-tastic.

7. Some Singles Just Might Date You Because Of Your Apartment

While I’m not sure how it is in other corners of the world, I know that here in New York real estate is everything. If you meet a guy with some amazing SoHo loft on Crosby Street and he’s only sub-par, you might just stick it out with him in the hopes of being able to secure your place in that apartment someday. It may sound shallow, but it’s a loft in SoHo and one in three people, as the study found, would totally date someone because their apartment is so awesome.

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