Liz's HOH Letter On 'Big Brother 17' Features Some Very Specific Language, So What Is Her Mom Trying To Say?

The Double Eviction on Big Brother 17 this week didn't inspire a lot of joy or satisfaction. Instead, the twins won HoH and PoV and got to send home exactly who they wanted — James. While the After Dark Crew's final night was difficult to watch, there is a silver lining. First, Big Brother didn't spend an entire week focusing on another Liz HoH and what it could lead to with Austin. Second, We got to hear Liz's Big Brother HoH letter from her mother and anticipate what she could possibly have to say about the Liz and Austin showmance that has dominated the season. It seems to be a pretty standard letter, but Liz and Julia are convinced their mother is telling them a secret message about her feelings towards the relationship.

Liz was given her HoH letter and food basket after the double eviction had taken place. After reading the letter, both of the twins commented that it featured some wording that was atypical of their mother, primarily the repeated use of the word "mad" as an adjective. Is this just the twins reading into things a little too much, or is their mom actually trying to communicate how mad she is at her daughter for dating Austin?

The text of Liz's letter from her mother reads:

Darling Liz, I'm writing this letter in excitement, as you are reading it because you have won another HOH. I feel like you have inherited the best of me & the best of your father. But wait, you have succeeded in surpassing our good qualities and have developed into one complete perfect daughter. Yes— perfect. That is what you are and perfect is good enough. Your mad drive & determination has taken you to levels I can't really understand. My heart aches to see you, to touch you, talk to you, to love you. The day I see you again can not come soon enough. In the meantime my child, stay strong, keep winning, keep fighting till you make it to the top. Remember, mad determination. I love you, Mom

Upon reading, it doesn't seem to be immediately obvious that Liz's mother is expressing a distaste for Liz's actions in the house. The only indication that there is any negative feedback on Liz's actions is the use of the word "mad" twice as an adjective. However, living in the Big Brother house for extended periods of time breeds paranoia so it's likely that Liz and Julia may be reading too much into the letter if they find anything odd. On the other hand, It has been hinted at that Liz's mother disapproves of Austin based solely on what Liz and Julia know about their mom.

Fans have noticed that, aside from the repetition of "mad" in the letter, Liz's mom was laying on the praise pretty thick, without mentioning her sister. Specifically the phrase " complete perfect daughter. Yes— perfect." makes it seem as though Liz was the only daughter of hers in the house, when Julia has been by her side the whole time. Julia doesn't seem to be upset over this, but fans took to Twitter to share what they thought on the matter.

Regardless of Liz's interactions with Austin, it seems that Liz and Julia have a very caring mother who is going to be supportive of them no matter what they do.

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Image: CBS