Ranking Hilary's Best Hats On 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air,' From Tastefully Subdued To Outrageously '90s

Back in the '90s, there were so many iconic things about the NBC sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: The theme song, the "Carlton dance," and Will Smith himself. But I feel like many fans overlook one majorly amazing aspect of the show — Hilary Banks' many hats. The series may have given Hilary her last chapeau back when its series finale aired, but that headwear had a lasting impact. That's why there's no better time to rank the elder Banks sister's hats in order of awesomeness and truly honor them as paragons of '90s fashion.

In the Fresh Prince pilot from 1990, Hilary is first introduced to the audience wearing a very fashionable hat, yet asking her dad for $300 to buy a new one. She would go on to sport many different kinds of headwear throughout the series — including a wedding veil — that are still pretty fashionable, even by today's standards. You know what they say, everything old is eventually new again, so we could all take some style cues from this totally cool headgear. To honor the timeless appeal of her bold fashion, here are Hilary's 11 best hats, ranked from pretty chic to totally unforgettable.

11. Her Mourning Veil

After her would-be fiancé Trevor died in the middle of proposing to her, Hilary donned this super sad black veil. It's still quite elegant, but it has bad memories attached, hence the low ranking.

10. This Swimming Cap-Looking Hat

From some angles, it looks like something you swim in. From others, it looks, um, backwards. But somehow Hil makes it fun.

9. Stylish Taxi Driver Hat

This one looks like something Hilary's driver might wear, but with some flair.

8. Yellow & Black Checkered Hat

For others, yellow and black may be the colors of a bee. But for Hilary, it means stylin' headwear.

7. The First Hat

Sir82000 on YouTube

The one that started it all. The one that wasn't good enough for Hilary's big event and provoked her to ask her dad for money to buy a new one. It's good, but doesn't compare to what would follow.

6. Brown With Flowers

So '90s, so rad.

5. The Ready-For-A-Wedding Veil

Hilary wore this dress as Trevor asked her to marry him from his skydive, but sadly, things went awry and he never finished the proposal.

4. Definitely Blue & Black

No question on what colors this hat is (unlike that dress from earlier last year), Hils is rocking a blue and black ensemble with a fabulous matching hat.

3. The I-Got-A-Job Blue Hat

StrangeRectangle on YouTube

And it matches the rest of her job interview suit! It's no wonder Hilary nailed the interview and got the weather woman job.

2. The I-Need-This-Job Pink Hat

Gemma Mayes on YouTube

Hilary wears this pastel pink hat with a matching ensemble while asking Jeffrey for advice about a job interview.

1. Large, Elegant, Royal Blue Hat

This classy ensemble wins. Because as the saying goes, the bigger the hat, the more status the lady has. Or something like that. Plus, Hilary just looks so good in it.

In every episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Hilary proved that she has style from top to bottom.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; eulonzodesigns/Tumblr; Mallory Carra/Bustle (2)