Is Austin Playing The Twins On 'Big Brother'?

From the very start of Big Brother 17, Austin and the twins have been close... maybe a little too close (if you watch the feeds, you know what I'm talking about here). However, despite his seemingly undying devotion to Liz (and by proxy, her identical twin, Julia), I would argue that there's a good chance that Austin might be playing the twins on Big Brother.

Given Austin's clingy, desperate behavior to acquire Liz's devotion, it's easy to see why you might doubt me on this one. But hear me out. Austin is no stranger to mischievousness, as we've seen with his Judas alter-ego. Part of his career is giving convincing performances as a character that deviates from his normal persona. Is it too much to think that Austin is a little more adept at being two-faced than we thought?

The very nature of Liz and Austin's relationship rates high in sketch factor and his quickness to abandon his ex-girlfriend shows that it isn't too difficult to sway his allegiance. I am of the opinion that Liz and Austin's relationship is quickly headed to hell in an HOH basket with Austin's faltering loyalty and two-faced gameplay to think. Austin's Angels are no more and the twins should watch their back because Austin is not doing them any favors.

Austin Is A Superfan

Austin, unlike the twins, is a BB superfan. You're telling me that someone who's obsessed with Big Brother is going to give up his aspirations of winning $500,000 and earning the Big Brother title completely for a girl? No way.

Austin Has Been Willing To Throw Julia Under The Bus Before

Austin first got himself in hot water when he sold out the twins' secret (and Julia's name) to Jason fairly early on in the game. Though he back-tracked and claimed that was a mistake, that can't erase what has already been said. Austin doesn't care about Julia; he cares that Liz cares about him protecting Julia.

Austin Gets Desperate On The Block

This is Austin's first time being nominated for eviction and boy, are his true colors coming out under the stress of it all. Given Austin's willingness to bend over backwards (and cheat on his girlfriend) for Liz, I totally expected him to pull a Clay and take one for the team so Liz could stay. This, however, is not the case.

He's Willing To Orchestrate A Blow Up With The Twins For His Game

I'm just going to go ahead and say it: if I was in a relationship in the BB house where I genuinely cared about my significant other, I sure as hell would not be willing to purposefully cause chaos with my boyfriend and his twin brother in order to gain a stronger ally. Hey Austin, you do realize that Liz will be able to see all this when she gets evicted, right? Being two-faced is not going to do you any favors, bro.

He Was Cool With The Twins Being Nominated Together

Austin referring to him and Steve as 'us' over him and the twins as 'us' speaks volumes.

Image: CBS