7 Things James Franco’s High School Film Course Needs To Include (Hint: Seth Rogen Is A Must)

If you're no longer in high school, get ready to experience some serious FOMO. Actor James Franco is going to be teaching an eight-part film course for select students at Palo Alto High School in Palo Alto, California. Franco posted a deadpan selfie (how else would you expect a master of smoldering to take a selfie?) to his Instagram account on Friday, Sept. 4, with the caption: "PALO ALTO HIGH SCHOOL - I will be teaching an 8 part film class for HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. Sign up NOW!" I would if I was under the age of 18 and lived anywhere near that vicinity, Franco! Believe me, I would.

According to the course's application form— which is due by Sept. 10 — the first class will be held on Sept. 13, and is open to a total of 24 lucky pupils. Students also need to submit a 200-word essay on why they would like to join the class (do you really need 200 words to state why you would want to get in on this? I digress...), need to submit a one-minute video introducing themselves, and should have the ability to work both independently and in groups. The workshop will involve helping with the creation and production of a film "...that will actually be shown in a film festival at the end of the year (if it is good)."

What exactly should this type of spectacular workshop include? I have a few ideas.

1. Seth Rogen As A Guest Speaker

I'm pretty sure Franco's BFF would be able to take time out of his schedule to help out. Ugh, if this scenario actually takes place my FOMO over this news will reach unbearable heights.

2. Viewing Of Franco's Best Films

This would otherwise be known as the best research ever.

3. Andy Samberg To Help With Any Critiques

Comedy Central on YouTube

If you need evidence as to why Samberg should help with any constructive criticism of the students' work, look no further than his appearance on Comedy Central's Roast of James Franco. Classic.

4. Acting Lessons

If there's one thing no one can argue with, it's Franco's versatility. He has worked in front of the camera, behind the scenes, and — yes — as a teacher. In order to make the class truly eclectic, he could pepper in some acting lessons to give these future filmmakers an appreciation of what actors go through before facing the lens.

5. A Freaks & Geeks Reunion

I'm not sure exactly what this would add to the class — but everyone would enjoy it.

6. Field Trips To Elite Film Festivals

If you're prepping for a film festival, you might as well go see to best of the best for inspiration.

7. Pizza

All my best class memories involve a pizza party breaking out at some point. They can label it as "craft services" or something to keep with the filmmaking theme, but nothing can be more motivational for students than free food.

Good luck to the students applying for this awesome opportunity! Try not to make your fellow pupils too jealous when they ask you about it in homeroom.

Images: James Franco/Instagram; Giphy (6)