Will Justin & Cassandra Get Married After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? The Single Parents May Take Things Slowly

Coming in at the end of a show like Bachelor In Paradise is hard. Most of the other contestants have coupled up or left, and you’re in there fishing for leftovers like a hungry person at a just-closed Chinese buffet. Sad, right? But, not so fast — Cassandra Ferguson, of Juan Pablo’s Bachelor season fame, showed up to Paradise on Sunday and got a hot date right away. She asked Justin Reich on a date, and damn, did these two hit it off. Their chemistry was off the chain. So, after Bachelor in Paradise ends, will Cassandra and Justin get married?

Justin and Cassandra immediately bonded over being single parents, and it was really a point that they couldn’t get over. They both said multiple times in their one-on-one interviews that it was so refreshing and nice to have another person in Paradise understand the predicaments and mindset that comes with being a single parent. It’s really important when you date someone to have the same values and goals, and I could see how, if you’re raising a kid on your own, it’s hard to find a person that thinks in the same way you do. It has to be much easier to date another single parent than to find a young, single person without kids.

Coupled with some insane chemistry (they are both very attractive people, thank you very much) and a fun date (riding horses on the beach is as perfect as it get), Bachelor in Paradise has made a love connection with these two. I truly think that these guys will stay together, but will they get hitched? Nope. Well, not soon, in my opinion, but not because they don’t really like each other. It’s because they are such great parents.

Justin and Cassandra have both proven to be very dedicated to their children — on their date, they discussed how Justin gets his son, Aurelius, for a week every other week, and Cassandra has sole custody of her son, Trey — and I don’t think that either of them would think that jumping into a marriage so quickly is a good idea for their children. In fact, their respective children probably shouldn’t even meet Justin or Cassandra until things are super serious. Cassandra and Justin would put their kids first, and letting their relationship deepen and grow at a slow-moving pace would probably be the way to go.

Seriously though, if Justin and Cassandra stayed together and eventually formed a beautiful little family, can you imagine how ridiculously good-looking any eventual biological children (from the both of them, I mean) would be in addition to their already-adorable kids? Both of these Bachelor in Paradise contestants are cut from marble (all of the men were like a cartoon wolf with their jaws on the floor when Cassandra arrived in Paradise). It’s just not fair to be that good-looking. I wish that Cassandra had come onto the show even earlier just so I could watch them horseback ride into the sunset together every week.

And, if they do eventually get married, they'll make for a seriously stunning bride and groom. Fingers crossed it happens for them... just at the right time when they and their kids are ready for that next step.

Image: ABC/Rick Rowell; Giphy