'The Whispers' Season 2 Needs To Happen So It Can Answer These 10 Lingering Questions

Here we are after an emotional The Whispers Season 1 finale that provided some answers, but proved to be far more of a cliffhanger than fans were lead to believe. We learned that Drill's motive was to abduct the world's children and bring them back to his own planet, but this epiphany came during the final minutes of the episode and left Claire, Wes, and Sean powerless to stop the mass abduction. All they could do was attempt to save their own children, but only Claire was successful. As Season 1 came to a close, Claire and thousands of children were taken to Drill's planet. The finale's last lines came from a newscaster: "As the world mourns, we're left with one question: where are our children?" That's definitely a good question, but if The Whispers returns for Season 2, it needs to answer many questions — namely, why does this alien entity want or need the world's children?

The obvious problem here is that Season 2 has yet to be confirmed — but I'm going to look on the bright side and point out that the series hasn't been cancelled, either, and the finale saw higher ratings than the previous four episodes. Still, if the show does return, we'll probably see significant changes in the cast. Deadline reported in June that cast options had expired and Lily Rabe would likely only return to Season 2 for a limited number of episodes due to other theater and television opportunities. But, considering her character was just taken to another planet, it seems like the writers are prepared to work around Claire's absence.

I'm an optimist and I think The Whispers will return, even if it's for an abbreviated season. And when it comes back, it needs to answer these questions:

1. What is Drill's Plan for the children?

Most of us were thrown for a loop when we realized that Drill wasn't planning to invade the Earth, but rather to abduct its children en masse. We don't know the exact number of abductees, but according to news reports shown at the end of the episode, "thousands" of children were taken from North America, Europe, and Africa — and more reports of the missing were continuing to trickle in. So the major question for Season 2 is "why"? What is he planning to do with all these kids, and why does he want or need them on his planet?

2. How will Claire's abduction affect Drill's plan?

At the last minute, Claire pushed Henry out of the way and she herself disappeared to Drill's planet. This could play out in two different ways. If Drill wasn't expecting Claire to arrive on his planet, her presence could potentially throw a wrench in his plans. He can only control and possess children, and Claire has some serious maternal instincts, so she'd probably end up battling Drill and trying to save the kids.

The other possibility seems less likely, but you never know. Could abducting Claire have been part of Drill's plan all along? When she was interrogating him at the beginning of the finale, he told her that the only way to "win the game" is through sacrifice. Then Drill proceeded to control Henry's actions throughout the episode, so he could have ensured that Claire was with her son at the moment he was about to be taken. He had to know that Claire was going to sacrifice herself for Henry, so perhaps he has a reason for wanting Claire as the sole adult on his planet.

3. Is it going to be super lonely and awkward for Claire as the only adult on Drill's planet?

4. ...and as the only person who's not possessed?

5. What's the significance of Sean's tattoos?

It was indicated all season, and during the finale, that Sean's tattoos provide clues about Drill. So, uh, how about resolving that matter in Season 2?

6. What's the deal with Drill's friends from 1982?

Why did they wait until the finale to show up? It seems like they could have been useful to Drill throughout the season — plus, their presence would have added an interesting dynamic to the show without giving away any huge plot points. And, what have they been doing for the past 33 years? Although we didn't see any of them return to Drill's planet, we can probably assume that's where they are. So, what's Drill's plan for them?

7. How many kids are left on Earth at this point?

8. The sketchy reporter was too old to be one of Drill's friends from 1982, so why was he talking to him through the lights in the hospital?

9. How did Drill communicate with kids all over the world? How many languages can one alien speak?

10. How did the FBI not know the First Family's code names? It almost cost poor Minx her life!

Fingers and toes crossed that The Whispers gets a Season 2. Not only is it a great show for people who love all things creepy, but it also has a lot of questions to answer.

Images: Eike Schroter/ABC; thewhispersabc (4), pillypie-22/Tumblr