7 Signs You're Becoming A Belieber

Growing up in the public spotlight can't be easy, and Justin Bieber has certainly had his fair share of troubles in recent years. Now 21, he seems to have gotten his act together a bit more and is ready to release a new album later this year... and I can't wait. It wasn't necessarily a surprise to me that I'm capable of liking Bieber's music; I used to bump My World 2.0 like it was my job, despite the fact that I was way out of his target age demographic. Once he started acting like a jerk, though, I totally jumped ship and swore him off for what I thought was life. Spoiler: it wasn't for life. I'm vaguely ashamed to say this, but I think I'm turning into a Belieber.

It all started with the Skrillex and Bieber collab "Where Are U Now." It was a bit of an earworm, and I found myself playing it repeatedly (on YouTube; I had enough dignity on at that point not to actually buy it on iTunes) and humming it when I was out and about in the world and not actually listening to it. Then Bieber released "What Do You Mean" and I was a goner. It's safe to say that Bieber Fever is taking over my life. Think it might be happening to you, too? Here's how to tell.

You Keep Looking For Info On His New Album

So far, it's known that Bieber is putting out his next album on Nov. 13, but that's about all we've got so far. The album doesn't have a title yet and no one knows what other songs will be on it besides "What Do You Mean"... but that doesn't keep you from googling "Justin Bieber's new album" on a daily basis to see if anything new has cropped up.

You're Planning To See Him Live On His Next Tour

If all of his new music is as good as "Where Are U Now" and "What Do You Mean", it's going to be so great... and you need to see it live. Given that the album's not even out, it's likely a tour hasn't even been thought about. Once the dates near you have been announced, however, you'll be booking those tickets.

You've Actually Started To Defend Him To Other People

You're the first one to admit that Bieber has had his share of problems and acted like a jerk, but he's apologized for it and you're willing to give him another chance. When anyone else starts railing on him or making a big deal over something stupid, you've started to speak up in his defense, surprising even yourself.

You've Added Him To Your "Getting It On" Playlist

Yes, you're vaguely embarrassed, and your partner will get quite a shock when he hears those smooth vocals come bursting from the speakers, but so what? Bieber's got groove, and why shouldn't you get your groove on to it?

You Spend Hours On YouTube Watching Old Videos

Interviews, music videos, concert footage... if it's on YouTube, you've seen it. You find it gives you more of an understanding of where Bieber is coming from and helps you appreciate him more as a new Belieber.

You've Started Following Him On Social Media

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook... if Bieber's got an account on a site, you're following it. You've even found yourself double-tapping a few of his pics and going back to look at them again from time to time. It's not like you've got a crush or anything, but... he is pretty cute, you have to admit (even if the new haircut is a bit Kate Gosselin circa 2009).

You're Hopeful For His Future

You know he's been in some trouble, but you believe Bieber when he says he's straightened his act up. After all, he was always a good kid, he just made some bad decisions. You're sure that he's back on the right path now and is going to go on to be a great person who does great things. And you know that whatever he does, you'll be there to support him, as true Beliebers do.

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