9 Questions The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Finale Needs To Answer

It's crazy to think that it's already time for the Bachelor In Paradise season finale, but the end is indeed upon us. With so many couples still in the game and the status of their relationships still up in the air, it seems to be coming way too soon — especially since I'd gotten quite attached to watching the show every Sunday and Monday night and I don't know what I'm going to do without it. Sure, it's been a great couple of months and a lot has happened, but I still have so many questions about Bachelor In Paradise that need answering, and I won't be satisfied unless that happens by the time the credits roll on the last episode.

While we all know the statistics — that not many people who find love on The Bachelor or any of its spinoffs actually end up in lasting relationships together — I have faith in a few of the couples I've seen together this season. But the great thing about BiP has been that not only have we been able to watch these partnerships develop, but we've also learned a lot about the contestants as individuals, and many have left me with a whole lot of confusion.

What's Really Going On With Ashley I.?

She's a gorgeous girl with loads of personality. The problem is, she seems nuts. I love it, myself, but I can see why her intensity has been a bit hard for some guys to handle. What made her so quick to turn on the waterworks all the time? Why hasn't she been lucky in love until now? I find her so fascinating and I just want to know.

Is Ashley S. Really That Spacey?

I love when they show clips of Ashley S. talking to animals or thin air. It's so great! She's such a free spirit and I find her so enjoyable, but I always wonder with big characters like that — especially when they're on reality TV — whether it's real or a bit exaggerated. What's she like when she's not on camera? I want to know!

Will Jade & Tanner Actually Last?

Jade and Tanner are pretty much the cutest couple ever, and they seem to really love one another. Given that they haven't had that much camera time, that pretty much tells me that the producers thought they were boring... probably because they're so in love. They're totally going to be together forever, right?

Joe Isn't Seriously That Big Of A Jerk, Right?

It's difficult for me to deal with Joe because he's just so unrepentant in his jerkishness. He has a massive ego and is a bit controlling, and he doesn't seem to care when he hurts other people, so I have to tell myself, for my own sanity, that it's being played up for the show.

Does Chris Harrison Ever Get Bored?

Chris Harrison has hosted approximately a bajillion seasons of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor In Paradise, and God knows what other spinoff series they've done. Does he ever get bored, or is he just happy the paychecks are still rolling in?

How Many Guys Was Sammi Really Talking To At Once?

Samantha was apparently talking to several of the contestants on social media before filming for the show started, but that's just the people who ended up on this season. Is Sammi a lady player? If she is, more power to her, but I so want to know the dirt on this.

Will Tenley Be The New Bachelorette?

Because she has to be, right?

Does Mikey T. Really Like Juelia, Or What?

I'm glad Mikey is back and Juelia really seems to like him, but does she feel the same? Their dates all seem... sweet, but not totally mutual. I think Mikey is glad to be there, but I think he feels a bit beholden to Juelia, not only because she's the reason he's back, but because he knows how much she's been screwed over in the past. I'd love to know his true feelings.

Did JJ Get Back With His Ex?

JJ Was known as the narcissist nightmare among the guys, but he actually ended up being super decent and leaving the show of his own accord to return to someone he left at home. Did they get back together? Are they still together now? Give me the scoop!

Hopefully, all these questions and more will get answered during the BiP finale.

Images: ABC