Is Samantha Using Nick On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? She's Been Iffy Before...

Nick pulled some serious strings to secure a date with Samantha on Sunday night's Bachelor In Paradise finale. After Jaclyn got brutally rejected Justin for a date with Cassandra, Nick tucked his tail between his legs and begged her for her date card. Since Nick notoriously shafted Jaclyn and her BFF out of $250,000 on Bachelor Pad, this was no easy task. After some rolling in the sand for Jaclyn's amusement (I'm starting to love her), she handed over her card. Nick digs Samantha, but is she using him?

Of course Sam accepted the date because, in true Samantha fashion, she and Nick were already speaking before Bachelor In Paradise. There was something different this time, though. Things with Joe seemed really superficial, but she seems more real with Nick. Nick was obviously completely enamored with her. It was actually really sweet to hear him wax poetic about how lucky he was to simply be in her presence. Again and again he said things like, "Samantha is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life" and "I could stare at Sam all day." Let's just all go ahead and fan ourselves because I am feeling the vapors.

Their date included a private chef to make them an amazingly intricate multi course meal to enjoy while they thoughtfully discussed their connection. Samantha asked Nick why he chose to pursue her and he stated honestly that it was her beauty that initially compelled him. He then went on to explain that winning a date with Samantha was infinitely greater than winning the money on Bachelor Pad. If that doesn't make you think that these two might be the real deal, I don't know what will. They finished their date with a sweet kiss and I weirdly rooted for them.

Samantha has a reputation for "stacking The deck" on BiP, but she seems to really be feeling Nick. Let's be honest, she is not the type of woman to waste her time. Joe was a jerk. Dan was, well, Dan. Nick seems sweet and genuinely cares for her. Their relationship began before the show and it certainly seems to be blossoming now.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC