Carly's 'Bachelor In Paradise' Friends Had Her Back But It Was The Only Silver Lining

Seeing Carly get her heart smashed into a million pieces by Kirk Sunday night was definitely one of the most emotional scenes of the season. After spending the last few weeks on cloud nine believing she'd found "the one," she was totally blindsided and left devastated. The one silver lining to this turn of events was seeing that Carly's friends totally had her back on Bachelor in Paradise. Girl code has been violated a few times this season (looking at you, Sammi), so watching Carly's friends support her and feel her pain with her reminded us that, even though she's leaving Paradise without a soulmate, at least she has some loyal and loving friends who aren't going anywhere.

After the breakup, Carly ran to her friends. She was too upset to really express herself, but they immediately offered hugs and support. Out of everyone, her bestie, Jade, was the most upset and even cried on her friend's behalf.

Jade also expressed that, in addition to being extremely angry, she herself feels betrayed because she trusted Kirk to treat Carly well. Meanwhile, Tenley tried to prevent Kirk from invading Carly's personal space when she clearly (and understandably) didn't want to hear another word he has to say.

It was an undeniably sad night, seeing Carly's friends rally around her was a good reminder that even after the worst breakups, we always still have our true friends. I wish Carly had left Paradise with a great guy, but at least she left knowing that she has some amazing friends who will always have her back.

Image: Bob D'Amico/ABC