What An Ending On 'BiP' For Tanner & Jade

I don't think anyone is surprised, but I'm certainly delighted that Tanner proposed to Jade on the Bachelor in Paradise finale. The two hit it off on night one and never looked back, so of course things ended with Tanner on bended knee, asking for Jade's hand in marriage. This marks the second year in a row that the spinoff show ended in a proposal, which is pretty shocking on its own considering it films for only a few weeks. Does Jade and Tanner's engagement mean they'll actually make it to the altar? That's harder to determine, but if Marcus and Lacy could do it, that bodes well for BiP's new star couple.

On Monday's finale, Tanner faked Jade, and the audience, out when he announced, "I can't give you this rose today..." but, fortunately, his following sentence was, "'Cause what we have is worth so much more than a million roses. I love you Jade, and I want to keep on loving you for the rest of my life." Of course Jade accepted his proposal, and they kissed while he put the sparkling ring on her hand. It was an exciting night for many of the show's couples, three of whom left Paradise intact. But, the night belonged to Jade and Tanner, who effectively cemented #Janner in the Bachelor Nation hall of fame as an official BiP couple — and an adorable one at that.

As for all the details of moving, planning a wedding, or having children... let's hold on for a minute. That will come in time, but, for now, let's just bathe in the afterglow of their engagement. It's been the summer of breakups in the celebrity world, so we all needed a win. And, Jade and Tanner gave us just that. #LongLiveJanner.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC (2)