Will Jade & Tanner Have A TV Wedding? It's A 'Bachelor In Paradise' Tradition

Fans know that on Monday's finale, someone is getting engaged on Bachelor in Paradise and my guess is that Tanner Tolbert will propose to Jade Roper. It's a match all fans could easily see coming. So, if my prediction comes true, will Jade and Tanner get married on TV like Lacy and Marcus from Season 1? While a possible proposal has no guarantee to pan out, I think there's a good chance that they will opt for a televised wedding.

But, while Marcus & Lacy's ceremony was cute for a segment on the show, it turns out that it wasn't real — they just went through the motions for the purposes of... good TV? Having fun? A trip to Mexico? I'm sure it was some combination of all three, plus their genuine desire to eventually tie the knot. And, I suspect that, should they get engaged, Tanner and Jade will do the same for Season 3 of BiP.

Why? Because I think the "symbolic only" wedding could become a new Bachelor in Paradise tradition. It could be a way to kick off the new season and tie up the last season. It might even wind up being like the proposals at the end of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Sure, they don't happen every season, but when they do, it means that it's a successful year. These two seem just right for a TV wedding, and I think that they'll make for a rightful successor to Marcus and Lacy for the following reasons.

1. They'll Have Things To Promote

Jade just dropped some news about a potential makeup line being worked on. I could see her having the release party just before a wedding special in Paradise.

2. They Are Both Incredibly Good Looking

Their wedding would be Pinterest-ready, even if it were fake.

3. They Have Even Better Taste Than Marcus & Lacy

No shade, but that Marcus/Lacy wedding was a little chintzy. I think Jade, with her makeup and hair expertise could figure out something a little fancier.

4. Tanner Suggested He Should Get A Spinoff

He was obviously joking, but it seems like Tanner is well aware of how much fun it would be to have him back on TV.

5. They Had The Cutest Friends

Who knows, maybe Carly and Kirk will get back together over the course of the next year, and they could have a double wedding!

6. It's The Perfect Practice Run

If they're not really sure about whether or not they want to get married, they can use this as a perfect dry run... without all of those troublesome legal documents in the way. Fingers crossed they're the ones who get engaged on Monday, because, if not, all my wedding plans for them will have gone to waste. And, that would just be a tragedy when they're as perfect as they are.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC (3)