Will Cassandra & Jonathan Get Married? The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Stars Have Potential

Alright, let's face it, everyone: Cassandra Ferguson and Jonathan Holloway definitely didn't have the best luck on Bachelor in Paradise this season, but now that the show's over, their fortune is improving. After dealing with dates, drama, and some serious intimidation from Joe Bailey (for Jonathan, at least), the castmates both appeared on After Paradise Monday night to announce something pretty important. These two insanely beautiful humans are dating, and they're actually super cute together. So now, let's get down to business: Will Cassandra and Jonathan get married?

It's definitely too soon to tell, since they haven't been dating very long, but seeing them together on the after show proved that they unquestionably have chemistry. I mean, did you see the way they were looking at each other? There are some crazy sparks flying between them, and they're visible even from my couch. Besides, they have a lot in common — they're both single parents, and they're both incredibly talented.

And we can't forget that the fact that they met in a totally non-Bachelor way (on a commercial shoot where Jonathan was the talent and Cassandra was doing makeup, not on the actual reality show) only increases the odds of their relationship surviving, because we all know how very real the Bachelor curse can be.

If they get married, I'll be super thrilled about it — even though that happening is probably pretty far off into the future. I know Bachelor Nation is a universe in which people get engaged after knowing each other for a few weeks, but their relationship is one based in the real world and the real world only, so I'm expecting a more normal timeline here.

And whether or not holy matrimony is in their future, I'm happy to see them so happy together. After everything they've been through, they deserve to have found each other. And then, there's the added bonus: They're gorgeous, so any children they may have together in the future will be ridiculously pretty.

Image: Cassandra Ferguson/Instagram