Have Nick & Samantha Met Each Other's Families?

One of the weirdest surprises after the Bachelor in Paradise finale happened with neither of the concerned parties on screen. Amber James called in with some hot gossip that concerned not herself, but her BFF Samantha. Apparently, Bachelor in Paradise' Nick and Samantha are still together, and they have even met each other's families. What the what? Amber also said that they've gone on vacation together, as if Paradise wasn't vacation enough. Still, meeting families is a big deal, and something that specifically has broken up Bachelor in Paradise couples in the past. That's great news for Nick and Samantha, and their social media isn't denying it, either. Both parties have been posting positive updates about each other.

Considering that Nick never had anything positive to say about Samantha other than how beautiful she is — not to knock her beauty as much as Nick's creativity and/or commitment — this is a pleasant surprise. This is a serious couple, y'all! Nick and Samantha could even be moving in together. What a sneaky Bachelor success. Perhaps the fact that fans were more focused on Tanner, Jade, Carly, and Kirk allowed their relationship to flourish in Paradise (partially) out of the spotlight.

The real question is, can Amber James be lying? There's nothing untrustworthy about her, but she is a third party. Thankfully, we have this update from Nick himself that confirms the check-in. I guess the Steffen and Peterson families really are getting to know one another. Congrats!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC