Kourtney Kardashian's Gold Metallic Bikini Slays

Summer has "unofficially" ended with Labor Day Weekend, even if it's still technically summer until September 23. But Kourtney Kardashian and her metallic gold bikini are working overtime to help keep the summer season alive and well. The mother of three donned a gilded swimsuit with straps that framed her chest and a pair of mirrored black shades. What a hot mama!

Kardashian was also riding a tricycle without handles and without any footwear. Kris Jenner's eldest daughter was literally footloose, fancy-free, and being all sorts of playful.

Summer 2015 was actually pretty rough for Kardashian, as she split with longtime love Scott Disick aka Lord Disick. You'd never know it, though, since she put on her game face. She has been posting amazing bikini photos during the dog days of summer, showing off her amazing body and sharing her swimsuit style with baby sister Kylie Jenner.

Another thing Kardshian did this summer? She epitomized that concept that living well and looking even better is the best revenge when it comes to breakups. When Disick sees this gold bikini pic, he will likely be cursing his fate and his status as Kardashian's ex!

But as for Kourt? Dayum, girl! You are a major source of inspo for being your best self, in both body and mind, after a split.

Kardashian was quite a golden girl. While Khloe and Kylie have gone blonde this summer, this Kardashian is keeping her glossy, dark locks in tact, instead going for the gold with her clothes and accessories. It works for her.

Her print swimsuit, paired with headgear and aviators, was also pretty amazing. It matched the palm tree surroundings.

She paired the bikini with a chain strap top and statement shades. Let's not forget that her style game is primo.

A closet/workout clothes selfie! Kardashian has clearly worked hard to stay in shape. She's a busy mom, having given birth to son Reign back in December, and has to be at the top of her game.

This is not a bikini selfie, but the beautiful and black strappy top, sexy braid, and those eyes all come together for picture perfection.

She woke up like this, striped PJs and all.

These fun in the sun pics of Kardashian should be enough to keep your mind and heart reminiscing about the summer of 2015. They should also provide a bit of inspo when your are nursing a broken heart. Go get 'em.

Images: Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram (6)