Adam Scott's New Role Is Nothing Like 'Parks'

by Dino-Ray Ramos

Sleeping With Other People is exactly what the title says: it's a movie where people sleep with other people. It's pretty straightforward: in the beginning of the movie, Lainey (Alison Brie) and Jake (Jason Sudeikis) meet for the first time in college while she is in a spat with a mysterious guy named Matthew. She's banging on his dorm room door, crying and screaming, while a crowd of co-eds, including Jake, watches, entertained. For her, Matthew is that guy: an addictive drug that she knows is bad for her, but she keeps on going back for more. You don't see his face in the movie, but in a surprising reveal later in the movie, we see that Matthew is played by Adam Scott — and Adam Scott in Sleeping With Other People vs. Parks and Recreation is a huge change, to say the least.

We all love Adam Scott, but Matthew is probably one of the biggest romantic comedy villains of all time. A bit of background: 12 years after Lainey, upset over Matthew, decides to lose her virginity to Jake, she runs into him again (at a a sex addicts meeting, no less) and they become friends. Meanwhile, she's still sleeping with a married Matthew, who treats her badly and doesn't show any care for the fact that he's cheating on his pregnant wife. It makes for quite an unhealthy relationship. and does a number on Lainey's self-esteem.

To see Adam Scott play a character like Matthew makes Ben Wyatt in Parks and Recreation 10 times more lovable, You won't get used to seeing the actor in a role like this, which is testament to his talent. Still, I hope the villain phase doesn't last! Below, a side-by-side comparison of his two characters to show you how different of a role SwOP is for Scott.

Nerd Vs. Jerk

Ben Wyatt is a nerd in the most adorable way possible. He's passionate about the finer nerdy things in life... like Game of Thrones. Matthew is a nerd, too, but he's a nerd of the jerk variety. He's condescending and manipulative. He has no friends that we can see, and always looks totally miserable.

The Hair And Style

In Sleeping With Other Friends, Matthew has slicked hair parted to the side with a thin mustache. He looks like a skeezy guy that you wouldn't trust. As for Parks' Ben, he has a boyish style and great hair that begs for a playful noogie.

Sense Of Humor

Simply put, Matthew is a dud without a funny bone in his body. Ben has a sense of humor... even if it does consist of really dorky accountant jokes.

Cones Of Dunshire

Ben invented the game "Cones of Dunshire." What has Matthew contributed to society besides his charmless adulterous ways?

Always A Gentleman

There is a specific scene in Sleeping With Other People where it is clear that Matthew is a full-time jerk and doesn't know how to treat a lady. Plus, he's cheating on his pregnant wife! Ben would never do that. He's loyal and is forever a classy gentleman.

In the case of Ben vs. Matthew, it is clear who the better man is.

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