Everything You Need To Know About Pan x Julep

It's been a big year for fiction-inspired makeup, but this latest release is completely out of this world. The makeup palette might not keep you young forever, but Pan x Julep Orbital Eyeshadows will help you create a super whimsical look. From bright colors inspired by Neverland to more natural-looking shades, this limited edition palette has something for everyone.

The boxed set features four different shades that reference a different aspect of the movie Pan. The movie takes you through a fantastical world of pirates, warriors, and fairies, and the multidimensional eyeshadows reflect the film's fantastical nature with their metallic shine, pearly iridescence, and a little bit of pixie dust (OK so maybe not that). Think Tinkerbell with a sophisticated twist.

“In creating this palette, I was inspired by the vibrant fantastical magic of Neverland," said CEO and founder Jane Park via email. "Like Neverland, these Orbital Eyeshadows offer layers of vibrant intensity."

Each of the baked orbital eyeshadows combines the easy-to-layer aspect of a powder meets the blending power of a cream to make for a long-lasting makeup look that will help you stand out for all the right reasons. With such a small palette packing such bold colors, this collection is sure to be a hit.

The Julep palette launches the first week of October, so you'll have the boxed set just in time for the October 9th premiere of the movie, which stars big names like Rooney Mara and Amanda Seyfried.

Check out the gorgeous colors below.

1. Borealis

Inspired by the journey that Pan makes to discover his destiny, this multi-dimensional, metallic charcoal color gives a smokey eye a brand new twist. Use this to update your everyday look and get a little more adventurous with your beauty routine.

2. Earthshine

This everyday shadow is perfect for a day to night look. With just enough shine to keep it interesting, this is also a great shade to mix with other hues.

3. Moonbeam

This lighter neutral is not your average nude hue.

4. Supernova

Based on the strength of the movie's character Tiger Lily, this stand-out shade is sure to get you noticed. The vibrant intensity of the color is perfect to pair the more neutral colors in the palette.

Images: Courtesy Julep