Lana Del Rey’s 'Honeymoon' Teaser Proves Her Album Will Be Worth The Wait

It seems like fans have been waiting forever to hear Lana Del Rey's upcoming album, Honeymoon. We already have the Honeymoon track list, saw the "High By the Beach" music video, and even previewed another track, "Terrence Loves You." While the wait to hear the album is slowly getting shorter, Del Rey just dropped a Honeymoon teaser which thankfully gives us more answers.

The three-and-a-half minute video shows clips from four songs: "Terrence Loves You," "Music to Watch Boys To," "Freak," and "High By the Beach." While we've already heard two of the songs in full (and watched the "High By the Beach" video on replay), the teasers shows us how the songs will work together as a whole. Del Rey is known for releasing cohesive albums that radiate with her signature hazy sound, and it looks like Honeymoon will be no exception. The only downside? This definitely leaves fans wanting more!

Del Rey previously wrote about the title track on her Instagram, saying, "In some ways I feel it's where the record begins and ends... there are so many other tracks on the record, 13 others to be exact- Some with a muddy trap energy and some inspired by late-night Miles Davis drives… But I love this song because it encapsulates all of the things that come naturally to me."

Honeymoon will be released on Sept. 18, but until then, here are seven things the teaser video tell us about Lana Del Rey's upcoming album.

LanaDelReyVEVO on YouTube

1. We're Back In California

The songs are full of warm-weather references, particularly when she calls out California by name.

2. We're Waiting For Something

Some of the tracks have an inescapable sense of foreboding — but that's what makes them amazing.

3. Grab A Box Of Tissues

As is standard with Del Rey's music, many of the songs sound like they'll be super introspective and, at times, very sad.

4. It's The Perfect Transition To Fall

Those warm-weather references are the perfect way to say bye to summer and welcome cooler weather.

5. We're About To Get More Iconic Videos

This teaser is just a glimpse at how good some of these videos could be.

6. Yes, We'll Be Able To Analyze Every Line

Del Rey's music is so multi-layered, and Honeymoon will be just as complex as we hope.

7. It's So Worth The Wait

If these clips are this good, imagine the full-length project.

You can listen to Honeymoon in all of its glory on Sept. 18!

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