Liz Says Some Rude Things About Austin

Liz and Austin. Austin and Liz. Or, if you prefer their shipper name, Liztin. This is definitely one Big Brother 17 showmance that will never be forgotten — and not because fans adore them. These two have caused a lot of controversy, like a few other Big Brother couples, and will forever go down in history as a gag-inducing showmance that you either love, hate, or love to hate. Going along with their unconventional romance, have you ever noticed how often Liz makes snarky comments about Austin? Yeah, she isn't always so nice about her reality TV boyfriend.

Whether she's talking about how bad of a kisser he is, slamming his beard ponytail (which is awful, so I can kind of get on board with those harsh comments), or giving a percentage of how much she truly likes him, Liz definitely doesn't appear to be as in love with Austin as he is with her. I mean, if you really care about someone and have deep feelings for them, you wouldn't say such snide remarks, right?

Some of Liz's comments are pretty funny, some are pretty rude, but one thing's for sure, she isn't always all warm and fuzzy about her "boo." Check out these eight times Liz has said some pretty snarky remarks about Austin.

1. "He's not even a good kisser."

What do you think Austin would say about this?

2. "I like him 93 percent."

So, the other seven percent she just likes making snarky remarks?

3. "I have no problem cutting him off, just like I wanna cut off his ponytail beard."

Watch your back, Austin.

4. "Between me and you... that guy I can't! Like how embarrassing is that!"

I'm not 100 percent sure what this is in reference to, but it appears Liz and Austin had some type of lovers spat, so she can't with him anymore.

5. "Get out of here please. You're disgusting to me."

OK. So, this isn't really snarky, but more just honest and angry in relation to the previously mentioned argument.

6. "I'm just going to be like, 'Look, me and you are just not meant to be together.'"

Again, more harsh honesty from Liz.

7. "I literally like never want to talk to him again."

Now wouldn't that be interesting? Do you think she'd talk to him only seven percent of the time?

8. "I learned a lot today. He is pretty selfish and he is no Clay."


Yep, Liz and Austin sure don't seem to be on the same page when it comes to their "love."

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Image: Screengrab/CBS