How To Get Your Groot Fix Online

If you're anything like me, then you loved Guardians of the Galaxy. I think it's the best Marvel movie to date by a mile, and I love Marvel movies. The film literally had something for everyone: It was super funny, had great action and special effects, some emotional tearjerking moments, a stellar cast, excellent characters, an insanely good soundtrack, a simple but satisfying plot, a hint of romance, and just enough easter eggs to keep the superfans happy. In other words, it was just about perfect. So, like me, you probably want to watch it again. Right now. So, where can you watch Guardians of the Galaxy online?

The answer? Lots of places! This being 2015 and all, there is no shortage of services willing to beam the greatness that is Guardians of the Galaxy directly into your home. The only downside is that the movie hasn't hit any of the subscription streaming services yet (like Netflix or Amazon Prime), so you're going to have to plunk down some cash if you want to watch the movie. Further drawing funds from your wallet is the fact that all of the usual suspects only offer the option to buy the movie in digital HD, with no rental available. Anybody else kinda miss Blockbuster right about now? Still though, I'm talking about Guardians of the Galaxy here, so if I'm being honest, money is no object. With that in mind, here's where you can watch Guardians of the Galaxy online.


Apple's online store offers the film in standard definition for $14.99, or in shiny HD for $19.99. iTunes purchases are only watchable on Apple devices, so if you want to watch the movie on the big screen you'd better have an Apple TV.

Google Play

Google's Chromecast device allows easy streaming from your phone, tablet, or computer, and you'll need one to watch anything you purchase from their service on your TV. Google Play's prices to own are the same as iTunes at $14.99 SD and $19.99 HD.


Although the movie isn't on Prime, you can still purchase it from Amazon Instant Video. Prices are the same as Google and iTunes, but Amazon offers some extras that make it a better deal. For one, they include bonus features with your purchase (always nice), and they're also offering a free download of Monsters University in HD if you buy before Oct. 5 and link your Disney Movies Anywhere account. Plus, Amazon movies are viewable on their own Fire TV devices as well as roku and all major video game systems. Not bad, Amazon.


Wal-mart-backed Vudu offers the familiar options of $14.99 SD and $19.99 HD, but they also offer their HDX version for the same price as HD. What's HDX, you ask? Probably a marketing gimmick, but Vudu claims it's a higher resolution than HD. Hey, if it's the same price, seems like it's worth a shot. Vudu has apps for the major video game consoles and roku, but boxes from rival purchasing services like Apple and Amazon don't offer it (what a shocker).

Microsoft Store

Did you know Microsoft sold movies? Because I didn't. It turns out it's just the rebranded X-Box video store, and they offer the same price options as everyone else. Obviously, you'll need an X-Box if you want to watch it on your TV instead of your computer.

Playstation Store

If you have a PS3 or a PS4, you can buy Guardians of the Galaxy for the same prices you've gotten used to seeing by now. But if you only have a PS3 and never upgraded to the PS4, you also have the option to buy the movie in 3D for $29.99. Of course, you'll also need a 3D TV, but it's cool of them to offer.


Thanks to its ubiquitous nature, YouTube has apps for just about every streaming device out there. That's good, because they offer Guardians of the Galaxy for the typical prices with that added YouTube convenience thrown in for free.

Starz Play

Still gun shy about buying the movie? Well, if you're a cable subscriber and a Starz customer on top of that, then you have the option of watching Guardians of the Galaxy on demand via their Starz Play online service. I guess cable isn't dead quite yet.

Guardians of the Galaxy is all over the internet, but it doesn't come cheap. But why should it? Like I said, it's an awesome movie, and if you don't own it already, you should. So start downloading!

Images: Walt Disney Pictures; Giphy (8)