Liz & Austin Have A Major Lovers Spat On 'BB17'

Warning: Spoilers ahead from Wednesday's upcoming Power of Veto competition and ceremony. Uh oh. Is there trouble in Big Brother 17 paradise? According to the live feeds and active BB17 fans on Twitter, it looks like Austin and Liz had a major fight, but does this mean the end of Liztin? No, this is not some joke I'm trying to play on you. The end could really be near, Liztin haters.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Power of Veto competition and ceremony brought a lot of drama for the Austwins and Liztin. After Austin won the Veto, he of course used it to save himself. What resulted? Oh, you know, Julia being put up on the block, which means one of the twins will definitely be going home. That's right, the twins' reign of power is coming to an end and it seems Liz is blaming Austin for it.

Based on the below tweets and video from the live feeds, it seems like Liz thinks Austin should've let Julia win the POV, because then Julia could've used the Veto save Austin or Liz (most likely Liz), which potentially could've saved all three of them because then Julia, as winner, couldn't be nominated.

But let's be real, that would still leave a chance that Austin would be evicted, while the twins were only ones saved. Still, it's no surprise that Liz is mad, because she doesn't want herself or her sister leaving the house.

It also seems like Liz thinks Austin purposely didn't tell her Steve's intention is to get rid of either herself or Julia. But, as you can see in the video, Austin tries to explain himself.

With that said, can you blame Austin for winning the Veto? Like he said on Sunday, he's been playing for three, but he needs to start playing as an individual. Only one person can take home the $500,000 and if Austin doesn't start playing for himself, then there's a very good chance he won't become the Season 17 winner.

As you see above, Liz called Austin "disgusting." Ouch. Oh, and for those wondering about if Austin was in an "open relationship" with his girlfriend from back home? Well, if you watch the video, Austin says they had a "rocky" relationship, but that he 100 percent did leave his girlfriend for Liz. There you go, BB17 fans, this is one confusing showmance.

So, does this mean Liztin is over for good? Nope. In the days following the fight, they appear to be fine and back in love:

Even though the fight was short lived, it can't mean good things for them outside of the house. This is clearly a complicated situation and that's not likely to chance once they leave the show.

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Image: Screengrab/CBS