Find The Perfect Fall Palette For Your Skin Tone

by Alexa Tucker

Fall is almost upon us, and as we dust off our go-to ankle boots, flannel button-ups, and chunky knit sweaters, let's not forget that wardrobes aren't the only thing we can update when cool weather comes around. Figuring out how to find the perfect fall makeup palette for your skin tone is a fabulous way to embrace autumn, from eyeshadow to lipstick.

Even though we tend to think of shadow colors that pair well with our eyes, it's important to consider skin tone, too. Of course, you're never tied to sticking to a certain palette, but it can't hurt to have a default that you know looks fabulous with your complexion, right? Same goes for cheeks and lips — even though playing with color is like cosmetic dress-up for big kids, on the day-to-day, I want to be able to reach for something I know works for me.

Taking out the guesswork for us, Jessica Scantlin, the Director of Artistry at makeup and beauty lounge Blushington, gave us the low-down on which shades you should consider for fall based on your skin tone and complexion. Because why not give your makeup wardrobe some love, too? It deserves it!

For Pale Or Warm Skin Tones...

Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette, $46, Sephora

"Stay with terracotta, warm browns, or reddish plum shades," says Scantlin. "Apply on the lighter side and smudge closer to the lash line so it isn't as intense." Too heavy, and you run the risk of looking gothic, she advises. "For cheeks, add some soft rose or light pink to cheeks."

For Ivory Or Cool Skin Tones...

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, $20, Ulta

"Use grays, blue charcoal, or navy so that it keeps the fall trend and vibe without being too harsh," she says. "Even adding navy liner to your lower lash line gives you a nice fall edge if you don't want to commit to navy shadow." Give it a smudge with a q-tip for that subtle, lived-in liner look.

For Tan Or Olive Skin Tones...

MAC Lipstick in Mac Red, $17, Nordstrom

"With olive skin, you want to add some warmth as there tends to be a greenish undertone. To balance it out, try adding a rosy color to the cheeks and some red lipstick," Scantlin says. And, good news, red lips are trending for everyone: "The bolder the red, the better," she says. As for eyes, "Adding warm browns on the lid, or even some deep burgundy, is a beautiful way to transition into fall."

For Dark Or Rich Brown Skin Tones...

NARS Blush in Seduction, $30, Sephora

"A nice plum, mauve or raisin color applied to cheeks is gorgeous," Scantlin says. "A deep burnt orange and mauve color on the eyes is beautiful on dark skin tones," she adds. Up for a challenge? "If you have darker skin and really want to be a little daring use a nice vampy lip that is almost black." In fact, with the right approach, anyone can try a black lip. "To pull this off you need to rock it and be confident, keeping eyes very simple," Scantlin says.

For All Skin Tones...

Stila 'Magnificent Metals' Eye Duo in Gold, $32, Nordstrom

Of course, don't feel tied to these shades only, no matter what your skin tone is — fall is a great time to experiment with bold colors. When it comes to trendy gold shadow, there are a few keys to making it look flawless. "Make sure you are lining the waterline with a neutral color, like a peach or flesh color, as the red in your eyes can come across a bit much with gold," says Scantlin. She also recommends veering towards more metallic golds, as opposed to yellow-ish ones. Another tip: "Pair it with a nude lip so it isn't holiday-ish."

NYX Cosmetics Butter Lipstick in Licorice, $6, Ulta

If you're feeling a purple vibe, Scantlin's rule is "go big or go home. If you do only a little bit you can look a bit greyish all over." A pop of purple lets people know you're "making a statement and not just tired, as that can happen if you don't commit to the color." As for lips, "a nice deep burgundy looks fierce!" Ah-greed.

Anyone else in the mood for a makeover now? BRB, going to evaluate my makeup palette situation. For more fall trend makeup inspiration, head over to Blushington's Instagram and Facebook page, or find the closest location nearest you (in California, New York, or Texas) to book an appointment today!

Images: Courtesy of brands