5 Fall Beauty Looks Lazy Girls Will Love

I love fall so much that I have even considered naming my daughter of the future Autumn. If you are also a fan of the season, then you may be contemplating switching up your beauty regime to include fall inspired makeup. Autumn brings with it lower temperatures and darker days, so to combat the change in seasons, our wardrobes must also transition. Gone will be the days of running around in nothing but a pair of sandals and a cotton dress. We shall soon be swapping our short shorts and vests for knitted sweaters, velvet garments, and embellished tights. Personally, I can't wait.

You may have your autumnal outfits sorted, but what about your makeup? Faux freckles and bronzer-highlighted skin could be out before we know it, so what will be your go-to beauty looks for fall? Glitter is proving to be quite popular, but instead of going for full on glittery looks, the talented ladies below show us how to add a subtle sparkle to our everyday makeup looks. An autumnal makeup tip this year is: Don't be afraid to wear a striking style. These confident gals show us how to embrace autumn color palettes and how to make a striking fall inspired statement.

Follow in the footsteps of these awesome Instagrammers who have created autumnal makeup looks and follow my lazy girl beauty hacks to create your own version of these lovely looks. Get ready to turn over a new leaf as you adapt your own routine for autumn.

1. The Bronze & Orange Combo

This is a lovely, warm look for those who are still clinging onto the last days of summer. Let this style ease you into autumn with its warming, bronze eyeshadow and cheery, orange lipstick. Channel this creative lady and use real or faux fall leaves in your look. To add a touch of glamour to your own interpretation, wear some golden-hued leafy hair clips in your barnet to link your makeup look to your hair.

Lazy Girl Version

Naked2 Eyeshadow Palette, $54,

Step 1: Pick a bronze eyeshadow palette and sweep one shade (or swirl a couple of your faves together) across your eyelid, ending at the crease. Add your mascara and liquid liner, if you'd like.

2. Strong Brows & Glitter Accents

I love this vampy look so much. Complete with natural, brown lips, winged eyeliner to die for, and a sprinkling of glitter in the corners of the eyes, this is red carpet-worthy. In fact, am I the only one who thinks this gorgeous gal looks like a member of the Kardashian family? She could totally pass as a cousin.

Lazy Girl Version

Step 1: Use your most trusted liquid eyeliner to heavily line your lash line and draw a thin line along the crease of your eyelid, using a chocolate brown shade of shadow to accentuate the line you have just drawn. Finish off with some kohl eyeliner along your bottom lash line and apply a layer of mascara if you so desire.

Eye Shadow X 9: Navy Times Nine, $40,

3. The Midas Touch

Make a super luxe statement with golden highlights in the center of the lips and along the lash line for a doubly decadent look. Use dramatic, dark shadow on the majority of the eyelid so the metallic shades really pop.

Lazy Girl Version

Step 1: Apply metallic eyeshadows in contrasting colors halfway along both lash lines. Use a natural lipgloss with a peachy tint and finish your look by dabbing a golden hued eyeshadow into the center of your lips.

Lip Gloss In "Giza," $26,

4. The Orange & Yellow Leafy Look

This talented lady has not only created a yellow to orange ombré on her eyelids that is reminiscent of a sunset, but she has also adapted realistic autumn leaves into her makeup look. IMO, this look is reminiscent of the Flower Fairies, so if you're a fan of the book and Cicely Mary Barker's illustrations, you could channel your fave fairy IRL.

Lazy Girl Version

Step 1: Brush a yellow eyeshadow across three quarters of your eyelids and also around the inner corners of your eyes. Use an orange eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eyes and on the final quarter of your eyelid, and blend.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette, $30,

Bonus Step: Take a faux leaf and some glitter fixer that is safe to use on your face. Apply the glitter fixative next to each eye, roughly across your temples. Then place a leaf on each side and hold until it is fixed in place.

Vintage Skeletonized Leaves, $3.95,

5. The Subtle Fall Style

This stylish makeup artist has thought of every last detail when creating her fall inspired makeup look. She's nailed strong brows, autumn leaf eyeshadow shades, vixen-like eyeliner, and brown '90s lipstick. This is a great style for those who wish to flaunt a more subtle autumn inspired style.

Lazy Girl Version

Step 1: Sweep a creamy/yellowy shade across your eyelids and up to your eyelid crease, and apply a light red shade up from the crease and right up to your brow bone. Add a cat eye flick with some liner and a brown/orange lipstick, if you'd like.

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio 3g, $23.18,

Go back to your roots this autumn in fall inspired makeup!

Images: frauleinnargiz/Instagram; Courtesy Brands