Lana Del Rey's 5 'Nylon Espanol' Covers, Ranked

Because one fashion magazine cover is not enough! Smoky-voiced chanteuse Lana Del Rey covers Nylon Español five times. That's a whole lotta Lana and her long, thick, '60s-inspired auburn hair and her gorgeous face. LDR is stunning enough to command five covers, and each is markedly different from the next in terms of hair, makeup, clothes, and styling. What would be the point if they weren't?

The singer's music is brooding and melancholic and her poses for these covers follow that aesthetic. She is such a beautiful shoegazer who can find art in sadness. She kills it on all of the covers, which are for the Fall-Winter anniversary issue. They are also collector's editions. But I have to admit that I have my favorites.

Since the covers are for the cold weather seasons, LDR is wearing several different jackets and each has some serious structure and volume.

The are two constants, though. One is that luscious mane of hair, which she displayed on her her V cover. LDR is always, always #HairGoals.

Whether swept back or framing her face, the follicles are a force and a definitive factor of her look. The other constant is her seductive, soulful stare, which is often enhanced with a thick flick of winged eyeliner.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The styling varies, as some shots are strictly fashion editorial — wait 'til you see the bird-like headpiece she dons! Others are actually wearable IRL.

So here's my ranking of LDR's five Nylon Español covers.

1. Pink Lady

LDR often pulls her inspo from the '60s and that's the case here, thanks to the center part, the crown volume, the loose curls, the dramatic lashes, and that fluffy pink sweater. It's one of her softest, most delicate looks that begs to be replicated IRL.

2. Girl Boss

With her cream-colored, monochromatic ensemble and "I woke up like this" beachy waves, LDR plays the part of a girl boss. You could so pull this off at work. Try it, you professional, you.

3. Leather Babe

The singer is nearly swallowed by her puffy, glossy black leather jacket. She totally bucks the trend of cropped and fitted when it comes to a leather topper. It's bulky, and not something I'd wear. But Del Rey tempers the toughness of the fabric with her soft waves and that come hither pout.

4. Birds Of A Feather

Okay, so that's some headdress or headband. Del Rey's feather headpiece is quite artistic, if impractical for everyday life. That said, her print sweater coat looks beyond cozy. You'll notice it if you can draw your eyes away from the accessory on her head. The tumble of waves? Well, those are easy to replicate with a curling iron and some sea salt spray.

5. Easy Being Green

Once again, LDR is wearing something with serious volume. This time, she opted for a structured, green and black topper. The slicked back 'do doesn't compete with her outfit. I have to admit that I don't love the matte, wine-stained lip look on her. That and the brows are too severe. Don't get me wrong. She slays. But this is my least fave of the covers.

There you have it! LDR x Nylon Español is five times the beauty and all the #HairGoals.

Images: Esteban Calderón/Nylon Español (5)