8 'PLL' Set Secrets You Can Take To The Grave

If you're reading this post, then odds are that you're a diehard Pretty Little Liars fan just like the rest of us. You crave answers like A craves butterscotch candies and are already finding this PLL Season 6 hiatus almost too painful to bear. (Forget A's dollhouse lair. THIS is what torture really looks like.) Luckily, I have just the thing to help satiate your Rosewood cravings. Because, contrary to popular belief, sometimes the greatest reveals on this show can be found off-screen rather than on-screen. This may have been the Summer of Answers to a lot of our plot-based type questions, but when it comes to Pretty Little Liars set secrets, there are some things that you may not yet be aware of.

Let's not forget that this is a series that lives and breathes off of secrets and lies. (Hence the not-so-subtle title of the show.) But that doesn't mean the secrets stop once the camera stops rolling. There are a ton of things that go on behind the scenes that we, as an audience, are rarely able to catch a glimpse of, but when we do, it proves to be just as intriguing as any weekly PLL plot twist. Need proof? Here are a few particularly interesting factoids I was able to unearth about the happenings on the PLL set that you'll want to take to the grave.

The Apple Rose Grille Is Actually The Same Set As Luke's Diner In Gilmore Girls

According to Alloy Entertainment, Luke's Diner and The Grille are actually one in the same. Given that both shows took place in the WB lot, it makes sense that some Stars Hollow and Rosewood locale scenes would overlap, but this one in particular just really blew my mind. Now if only the waiters were wearing backwards baseball caps and flannel.

You Can Find The Letter A On Every PLL Set Design

If you look closely, you can see that even the flames spell out the letter A on the lodge the Liars were trapped inside during the Season 3 finale. And that's just one example, according to the Liars, who dished a bunch of set secrets during last year's PLL Halloween special. Apparently, you can see As continually pop up throughout the series on each and every set. Not only did this help to give the impression that A was everywhere, but it helped to inspire a ton of different fan theories. If an A was in the background when someone was talking… did that indicate that they were a member of the A Team or maybe even A themselves? Oh, I. Marlene King, how you did enjoy torturing us so.

Tyler Blackburn Sings On Set All The Time

In a recent interview with Buzzfeed, the actor (who plays the very swoon worthy Caleb) admitted that he's the most likely cast member to randomly burst into song. "It just depends on what I’m feeling at the time. I feel like every other day I find a new song. I really like Pandora because you get to listen to new stuff. My go-to karaoke song is “Santeria” by Sublime." You know, because we really needed another reason to love this guy.

Caleb & Hanna Are Known For Their Trouble-Making Antics Off-Screen

Blackburn admitted in the same Buzzfeed interview that he and his on-screen love interest enjoy stealing the PLL golf cart on a regular basis. "This is a team effort, and we’ve done this a few times. Literally like the PA will be like, 'WHERE DID YOU GO?' We’re like, 'Oh we just went for a little joyride!' We’re kind of troublemakers. We’re really the biggest troublemakers on set. But she instigates it all; I want that known. And she’s just so cute that I can’t say no." Team Haleb FTW!

Ian Harding (Ezra) Is The Biggest Jokester On Set

At least, that's what Blackburn shared with Buzzfeed. I didn't know Mr. Fitz had it in him.

Every Set Has A Crack Or Hole In It

According to the Halloween Special, this was mostly done as a way to indicate how A could be watching and listening in to all of the Liars' conversations. Either that or they really should think about hiring a new construction team.

Sasha Pieterse (Alison) & Andrea Parker (Mrs. D) Were Actually Buried Alive

You know how Ali was buried alive? Well, for Pieterse that was literally the case. The actress admitted during the Halloween Special that both she and Parker actually allowed themselves to be placed in six-foot holes as piles of dirt were poured onto them. Now that's dedication!

All Of The Liars Perform Their Own Stunts

The Liars confirmed as much themselves during the Halloween special. Just in case you ever had any doubts about how truly badass they are.

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