How To Match Your Rose Gold iPhone To Your Outfit

If you haven't been paying attention to the news today, you might have missed a rather big announcement. Specifically the announcement that Apple is releasing the new iPhone 6S on Sept. 25. While nothing crazy is actually changing, rather than a few improvements to the operating system and the camera, they are releasing a rose gold iPhone 6S, which I am pretty pumped about.

If the traditional silver, gold, and space gray never really appealed to you, now is your chance to show your personality with the rose gold iPhone 6S. I have a hunch that this one is going to sell out way faster than its traditional metallic counterparts. I would also be lying if I said I wasn't already planning my outfits to match my brand new rose gold phone.

Luckily, rose gold has become super trendy over the recent years, so there will be plenty of options for coordinating your outfit and accessories to your phone, because, let's face it, it's literally always in your hands. From bracelets to nail polish and dresses to sunglasses, here are some of my favorite rose gold pieces to match the iPhone 6S.

1. This Rose Gold Ring

This rose gold chain ring will look spectacular on your fingers as you text away. (Optimus Chain Ring, $48,

2. These Rose Gold Sunglasses

I bet these rose gold aviators are flattering on every skin tone, presumably much like the iPhone 6S. (AEO Rose Gold Aviator Sunglasses, $15.95,

3. This Rose Gold Watch

It's a little pricey, but the simplicity of this Michael Kors watch will look nice next to your iPhone 6S. (Slim Runway Rose Gold-Tone Acrylic Watch, $225,

4. The "Blushed Nudes" Palette from Maybelline

It's like rose gold for your eyes. SELFIE TIME. (Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette, $10,

5. This reversible rose gold/tan tote

Just think of the "what's in my bag" Instagram flat lays you can do with this bag and your matching iPhone 6S. (Metallic Reversible Tote, $40,

6. These playful rose gold bobby pins

These adorable bobby pins from also say "love," "cool," and "rebel." (It Girl Bobby Pin, $12,

7. These quirky rose gold shorts

Not sure these shorts would be great for actual exercise, but they will be adorable with booties and an oversized sweater, iPhone 6S in tow. (Tinsel Town Shorts, $17.50,

Images: Apple, Baublebar, American Eagle, Michael Kors, Maybelline/Instagram, Express,, Shop Riff Raff